Across the nation, many cities are feeling a housing pinch, as a lack of new development has had a major impact on the rental market all across the United States. In some cities, like Atlantic City, New Jersey, the lack of new building has had a major impact, even as the city recovers from a ten year economic crisis following the 2008 stock market crash and the Great Recession that followed.


A Developer with a Stake in Atlantic City’s Recovery


Boraie Development, LLC, is one building company that has long believed in this resort city’s future. That belief is now being manifested in an upscale new housing complex called The Beach at South Inlet, which is currently going up in a lot that’s situated on the edge of New Jersey, Pacific, Connecticut and Atlantic Avenues. This development is set to open this summer, and it will offer all the most modern and desirable amenities.


According to Patch, Waseem Boraie is the Vice President of Boraie Development, LLC, and it’s his belief that the younger generation of workers here are demanding amenities like pools. gyms, spa areas and upscale lounges in their housing, and so this complex is offering everything that’s being asked for, plus a little bit more. In a recent story in The Press of Atlantic City, Omar Boraie addressed the need for including fine amenities in order to attract young professionals into Atlantic City’s housing areas, and he also mentioned the great need for quality modern housing. According to Boraie, 60 percent of Atlantic City’s housing was built over forty years ago, so there’s no doubt that new development is needed. You can visit his website for more


Atlantic City Comes Back


Atlantic City has weathered a major downturn over the past ten years, as the gaming industry suffered from competition from new casinos opening in other states close by. Many of the casinos here closed over the past decade, but in a way all of that worked to bring the entire industry into a size that is actually more realistic and manageable for the city.


Ultimately, the upcoming opening of The Beach at South Inlet marks a very positive step towards a brighter future for Atlantic City. There’s no question that the work that Boraie Development, LLC has done over the years to keep new building projects coming up, is a major part of this positive move.



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