Todd Lubar started out his real estate career in 1995 and realized early on that he would most likely stay in the field for the rest of his life. He first worked with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator, and while there, he focused on getting to know other real estate agents and building ties with financial planners as well as insurance agents. Many of these connections have led to business opportunities far and beyond his days with Crestar. Eventually, he moved on went to work for Legacy Financial Group by serving in an equity position. There, he learned a lot more about brokering loans to outside investors and continued to improve his lending potential.


By 2002, Todd Lubar went into business on his own and started up Legendary Properties, LLC., which is residential development company. He was not only able to tap into his previous business connections to help him build his new business, but he was also able to leverage his own experience to begin the process which led to more than 200 transactions. He was also able to build crucial connections that led to a multi-million dollar credit line that enabled him to rapidly expand his business even more. Todd now lives in Bethseda, Maryland where he enjoys spending time with his children. For more details visit Medium.


Todd Lubar was inspired to strike out on his own with Legendary Properties, LLC., because he is passionate about helping people to find their own version of success. His approach is one that is used in many different business models, but he has adapted it to meet the needs of his specific clientele. Lubar has expressed that the most efficient way to grow a business is to help the target market of that business to make the step by eliminating as many of their obstacles as possible. In his business, this means that he gets rid of the hurdles keeping people from getting loans.


Looking into the future, Todd Lubar expects to continue to help people to accomplish their goals and live the life they have dreamed of living. He figures that as long has he does this his business will continue to be viable and healthy. Follow their Twitter for more.



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