Today’s technology has allowed for instant access to information through a wide range of devices. This makes technology a highly useful tool for education. In the past year, investors have seen a rise in educational technology, which has also led to the launch of many new start-up companies. Unfortunately, many of these companies fail to meet the needs of today’s educators, which is why a recent article posted online provided information about what type of edtech is considered to be desirable.

While programs and gadgets designed to wow individuals with their advanced technology go over well with the mainstream public, educators are looking for programs that help them solve the issues or problems they face inside today’s classroom. One of the top performing applications for the classroom is ClassDojo. This app provides a better communication platform by making instant connections between teachers, students and parents. The success of ClassDojo is directly attributed to its founder, Sam Chaudhary, who took the time to listen to what not only teachers wanted in their edtech, but also parents and students.

In addition to providing problem solving tools, educators also wanted technology that had a proven track record. Launched in August of 2011, ClassDojo has consistently proven itself to be a valuable classroom aid to where it is now used in more than 150 countries, including 90 percent of the elementary schools located within the United States. Designed to encourage a positive culture within schools, the company behind ClassDojo has been named by Fast Company as one of the leading companies in edtech today. Their success is evident in the second wave of funding they received, which enabled them to reach more educators by translating the app into 35 different languages.

The future forward process used to keep ClassDojo in the forefront of the edtech stream of new companies, has also allowed it to meet another important aspect educators find appealing. They look for products and companies that have a plan for the long haul. Applications such as ClassDojo, are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s educators by being designed to work across multiple platforms.


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