Glen Wakeman is a successful businessman with an impressive ability to explain ideas

to others. That talent has brought him much success throughout his 20plus-year career, which has focused on improving the success of developing companies. His start-up company, LaunchPad Holdings, offers business advice and access to necessary funds, as well as personal CEO coaching. It works, according to Wakeman, because ideas must be matched with money. By itself, an idea is not a plan, he says. By outlining the idea, the steps to make it real become obvious and do-able, or they fail.

His ability to bring business ideas into reality is at the core of Wakeman’s success. After earning a BS from the University of Scranton and an MBA from the University of Chicago, he took his ideas for business growth to six countries where he has worked with early stage entrepreneurs. He was – and still is – struck by the failure rates of new businesses, even those begun by talented people. Wakeman believes that those failure rates can be changed into a successful company. From that belief, Glen developed his idea to build a plan with a simple software platform that would enable the newcomers to find success in the business world.

Despite his overall record, Wakeman remembers one failure. His idea for pre-recorded messages on the answering machine failed. The reason, he says, was that despite the good intentions and good ideas, he tried to start the venture without a market plan and without money. However, he learned from the mistake and opened the doors to an impressive career (Releasefact).

Overall, how does Wakeman explain his impressive success in so many places and with so many companies? To a large extent, he mainly credits his curiosity. I have to know why things are the way they are, he says, so “I can better understand how to change them.”

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