Building a great career in business can seem like a big challenge to a lot of people. While most people are not able to make their way to a top of an organization, one person that has continued to have a lot of professional success is Susan McGalla. Susan McGalla is a Pittsburgh, PA based businesswoman that has had the ability to grow to the top of a lot of different organizations.

Susan McGalla was originally born in Ohio and went to school at Mount Union College. After college she got a job working at the Joseph Horne Company. While she was at that organization she was able to learn a lot of different hard and soft skills that have helped her during her entire career. After working for that company for almost 10 years, Susan McGalla moved on to work for American Eagle Outfitters.

For a period of time Susan McGalla worked in the marketing department and worked for the Chief Marketing Officer in the corporate office. After a transition at the company, she was eventually promoted and became the CMO of the entire company. After spending a period of time working for American Eagle, Susan McGalla ended up working for Wet Seal as the CEO of the firm. While she was working for Wet Seal, she was able to guide the company through a variety of different growth initiatives and helped to turn the company around.

While she had already accomplished a lot, Susan McGalla decided to continue her career after working for Wet Seal. Using her creative and marketing background, Susan McGalla was able to start working for the Pittsburg Steelers. In her current role with the team, McGalla is the head of business strategy and marketing. During her time working for the team, she has continued to grow the team brand as it continues to be one of the most popular teams in the entire league.

Beyond working for a variety of organizations, Susan McGalla has also given back to the community. She currently sits on the board of directors for a variety of charitable causes.

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