Adam Milstein is a business owner in the real estate development industry. He is also a writer who has written for many publications around the world including the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). He is originally from the nation of Israel but he emigrated to the United States in the early 1980s and now lives in Southern California region.

In his most recent article for Jewish News Syndicate, Adam Milstein wrote about radical Muslims. He says the want to delegitimize Israel and ultimately destroy it. In order to do so they whip up anti-Semitism wherever they can. He also adds that it’s not just the radical right that is anti-Semitic as many on the radical left are as well. He says that that radical Muslims, radical right people, and radical left people are sharing tactics and ideas so that they can get rid of Jewish people.

He said that radical Muslims and those on the radical left first started joining forces in Europe in countries such as France and Germany. They are now doing the same in the United States and Canada. Adam Milstein says that radical Muslims also have no respect for human life. They see nothing wrong with stoning women to death for minor transgressions or even none at all (such as when they are a victim of rape), routinely execute people for being gay, revolt against feminism, among other ways they treat minorities and human rights in atrocious ways.

Adam Milstein says that the radical left is taking over college campuses in Europe and North America. They demand that boycott’s of Israel good and services and want to keep Jewish people off campus. Because they have a warped view of history they see Israel as an oppressor of Muslims in the Middle East. Many don’t realize that Jewish people occupied the land where Israel is for centuries. He wrote in his article that the radical left believes that Jewish people have secret plans and are an all-powerful group which is trying to take over the world. He wants people to open their eyes to see what is going on so that it can be stopped.

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