Chris Burch: an investor and entrepreneur with a passion for business development

Burch Creative Capital is an investment company. It was founded by the current CEO; Chris Burch. Burch is an investor in various businesses including fashion branding and variety of industries. He is an entrepreneur with values and vision for making new market innovation, application of imaginations, creativity, and support. These are the values that make the company a leading brands distribution and the best at customer service. Chris Burch studied for Business in the Ithaca College where he got his first investment opportunity on Eagle’s Eye which he later sold to Swire Group. He was a member the Board of the Rothman Orthopedic Foundation. He is the former Chairman of the Pierre Hotel Board. Burch is a philanthropist; he has shown this by contributing to Mt. Sinai Hospital, The Sumba Foundation, The Henry Street Settlement, The China Association of Social Network among others (

The company’s portfolio includes ED introductions, Cacoon9, Poppin among others. Burch has been a key investor and reason for the growth of over 50 businesses like Faena Hotel+ Universe, Voss Water, and Jawbone. This has been due to his ability to understand the consumers’ behavior and combining it with sourcing experience hence making a record of empowering innovation ( Burch Creative Capital embraces diversity. It has numerous consumer products that vary from home décor, distribution to hotel management, technology firms and organic foods. Some of the investment portfolio companies are; Little Duck Organics, Soludos, BaubleBar among others (

Chris Burch explains how to be productive and creative at work. Most importantly one has to allocate time for production by scheduling a brainstorming session. This will ensure that no rash decisions are made. Another important aspect is to work and create a team. Exchanging ideas as a team will ensure that everyone is a team player and boosts creativity and functioning. Lastly, one has to jot down ideas when producing. It is important to take notes or draw your ideas as you get them. Prolonging them due to a packed schedule will make an employee forget. They can also find a way of discussing their ideas with their colleagues. If one wants to be successful in his/her job it is paramount to balance both productivity and creativity.  Read more on

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