Chris Burch or his full name being Christopher is the founder and currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. Burch made this investment company as a way to reflect the type person he is. Chris is described as having a real value for entrepreneurship, a big imagination, and creativity that leads to brands and businesses having a lasting and impacting affect on consumers.

In Chris’s 40 years of work he helped 50 companies to become successful. He made these companies successful by understanding what exactly the customer wants. What is meant by this is that Chis implements what he has learned over the years regarding customer behaviors. He makes it his mission that each company has the idea of connecting innovation and impact.

Chis has a long, diverse portfolio under his belt from his 40 years of business (  So far he has been a part of several brands that branch from retail, home furnishings, and clothing to healthy foods and technology advances. For instance some of these business include, BaubleBar, Blink Health, and Little Duck Organics. Chris even has worked with celebrities such as Ellen Degeneres.

One of his latest accomplishes however that takes the cake is the brand Nihiwatu. Nihiwatu is an Indonesian resort that has been named #1 in the world in Travel+Leisure’s Annual World Best Awards. When Chris decided to make this site he saw the beauty that Sumba had to offer. When he witnessed this site he saw a vast exotic culture, white sand beaches, rice fields, and extremely kind and loving people. All of these features made Chris’s imagination take flight and brought the idea to make a resort. Nihiwatu is more than an escape it’s like a revival of life itself.

The resort gives the feeling of adventure, relaxation and warmth all in one. Just in one day it is possible to go from a relaxing, quiet day on the beach to maybe chatting with the locals. There are beautiful villas and rooms available at the resort that makes one feel at home right away. In the rooms nature is right at your doorstep. Waking up one could hear animals cooing in the breeze or maybe even a babbling brook. Nihiwatu makes the consumer recharge and take life back into perspective and rethink what is truly important to them. The people, and the atmosphere makes for an unforgettable experience that no other resort can offer. If becoming someone new is very important than this is the resort to go to. More on

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