The 51 years old Graham Edwards studied economics at the Cambridge University. Edwin Graham before was working with the most progressive organizations in the interest of investments before joining Telereal Trillium. He played the role of an investment officer at Talisman Global Asset Management Arm, thanks to his effort Talisman today has a lot of funds under the management.

Before joining Talisman Global Asset Management, Edward worked at Merrill Lynch Investment Management; he occupied several areas as a fund manager, he was also in charge of finance for the BT Group PIc’s property department, this role prepared him tremendously for his present work with Telereal Trillium.

In 2001 Graham Edwards Telereal became the new CEO of Telereal Trillium, under his leadership, Telereal Trillium became the top market company in property outsourcing and investment. Telereal Trillium emerged to be one of UK’s largest property companies. Graham has been the CEO during his entire period with the company; he has played a very pivotal role in shaping the company.

Graham Edwards is also an investment expert; as a business expert, he has a variety of business interest in mining, software development, and real estate. Besides his career, he also an avid tennis player, enjoys skiing, he is a philanthropist. He is also an active member of society who serves the community, some of the board and committees he serves on are One Voice Europe, Portland Trust, and British Friends of Hebrews University.

The Center for Policy Studies (CPS) is a British think tank with a history of producing innovative policy insights. Their work in the field is encouraging enterprise and enabling the institution to flourish. CPS has a well-documented foundation of in-house experience on the subject. Recently the Center for Policy Studies announced that Graham Edward would be joining them as a chairman of the center’s housing policy group. He will also serve as a research fellow at the center. As he still holds his role working as the CEO of Telereal Trillium; he will be working with the in-house team at the CPS to help develop policies designed to increase the rates of both ownership as well as building new houses.


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