There is a global problem. The problem is that people are leaving the shopping malls. This is evident in the number of malls that are closing down. There are many factors that are causing the decline of malls. One of the factors is online shopping. However, it is important for people to figure out what the attraction is to online shopping. While many people are quick to say that it is the convenience, there is one issue that can cause people to back away from online shopping. This issue is shipping costs. Then there is the chance that people are not going to get the items that they order online.


One major factor that can cause people to step away from malls is that there is nothing new in the mall. After all, the mall has been considered one of the places people go to just to shop and then move on with their day. People do not consider the mall as a social place. As a matter of fact, some malls will try to rush people out if they are not spending anymore money. After all, people do not go to malls just to buy something. Among the activities they do is window shop.


There are some malls that are managing to thrive in the crisis. One example of a thriving mall is Manaira Shopping. One of the reasons that Manaira Shopping is thriving is that Roberto Santiago is taking a different angle from the shopping mall. Instead of putting pressure on people to buy something and then leave, he is taking on a different approach to bringing the customers. He is making sure that the customers feel welcome and safe by providing other types of venues so that they can actually spend some time and enjoy themselves.


One of the best things about Manaira Shopping is that it is not designed to rush people out of the mall. It is instead designed for people to relax and enjoy themselves while getting some new items. Other mall owners can look at what is being done with Manaira Shopping and see what they can do in order to bring something other malls do not offer.


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