OSI Group is one of the leading premier food providers in the international level. The company partners with the top world class food services firms and various retail food brands in the distribution of the OSI products to all corners of the world. OSI Group is a privately owned entity with huge infrastructure as well as financial resources to provide extensive abilities to source, establish, develop, produce, as well as distribute their custom food brands anywhere in the international market.

At the core of the OSI Group, there is entrepreneurial agility and passion which blend curiosity and ethics to bring customers’ needs and ideas to life. OSI Group provides to its customer’s custom food solutions which are produced according to clients` specifications. The company invests more in innovative research and designing of facilities that aim at bringing the customer’s menu or meals ideas to reality.

OSI Group has their headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. It is a holding business of meat processors which has its market in various continents. The company produces products like pizza, fish, vegetable products, hot dogs, bacon, and meat patties among others.

Otto Kolschowsky founded OSI Group which started as a butcher shop in 1909. He was influential in extending the company`s products to various markets in Chicago and also other 65 locations across the world. Currently, the company has a strong team of leaders who believe in the core values of the OSI Group. The chairman and CEO of OSI Group are Sheldon Lavin, the president, as well as the chief operating officer, is Mr. David McDonald. These are heads of the experienced and skillful leadership team that is behind the achievements of OSI Group.

OSI Group successes have not failed to be recognized. The company recently received an award of the 2016 Globe of Honour from the British Safety Council. In 2011 Forbes listed the company as number 136 among the USA`s largest private companies which was based on the firm`s annual revenues of $ 3 billion. In 2016, the company rose to the 58th position in the Forbes list which signifies a considerable expansion and growth. In 2016 the company had a revenue adding up to $ 6.1 billion with 20,000 employees across all the OSI Group`s facilities and offices.

OSI Group has expanded and grown into an international premier food solution giants through the acquisition of various food processing facilities. OSI Group purchased Baho Food, Tyson Food Plant, Flagship Europe, and they have ventured into Spain market by setting up a new facility. The aim of acquiring all these facilities is to provide the quality food products to their clients at their convenient places.


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