Considered one of America’s top doctors, Dr. Mark Holterman has been changing the way medicine is practiced for almost 30 years. In 1980 he graduated from yale University with honors with a B.A. in Biology and went on to the University of Virginia, where he studied Immunology and Medicine and earned a Ph.D and M.D. His fellowship was done at Seattle’s Children’s Hospital in pediatric surgery. Dr. Mark Holterman then spent nearly two years at the Clinical Institute of Montreal doing immunology research. He continued his research as a professor at the University of Illinois and then at Advocate Children’s Hospital he was chief surgeon. He is currently a professor and pediatric surgeon at the University of Illinois and teaches pediatric surgery.

Dr. Mark Holterman founded Mariam Global Health in 2012 and serves as CEO. The group assists medical start ups by providing funds and managerial assistance. The doctor also co-founded the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies, a non-profit that promotes safe cellular treatments around the world. Autoimmunity, stem cell medicine and obesity are the doctor’s passions and he utilizes those interests to identify the startups with the most potential to positively impact global health.

Through his involvement with the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam, Dr. Holterman volunteers his time and money to ensure medical care for areas of Vietnam not well served. Surgical students are given the opportunity to receive their training through the organization as well as bringing Vietnamese doctors to the US to study for a couple of months.

Regenerative medicine is of great interest to Dr. Holterman and he has spent decades researching the ethical use of stem cells to promote study in this area. His interest is centered on restoring the function of damaged organs that haven’t responded to traditional therapies. He feels utilizing stem cells could replace donated organs which are expensive and in tight supply.

Through Dr. Mark Holterman’s research and investments he is advancing the world’s medical knowledge and techniques that will positively impact patients well into the future.


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