Tommy Tune, the famous Broadway celebrity has recently been welcomed home by one Tony Petrello, the head cheerleader of Nabors Industries. Cynthia. Petrello’s wife joined in. To make sure that the welcome was worthwhile, Petrello invited about 50 friends including Miller Outdoor Theatre and advisory members to the party.

The Broadway celebrity attended Lamar High. The homecoming was appended to him acclaiming a dance move for his next competition in New York. This explains his reason for attending a night out event to perform at the Miller Outdoor Theatre. It is critical to point out that the event attracted 5,000 attendees.

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Moreover, Tommy was honored by Petrello’s invite. He also enjoyed the party as there was an excellent reception coupled with sweet music. Besides, he provided impeccable entertainment to his guests, a gesture that left his fans pleading for more time with him. From Petrello’s gesture to welcome as well as host Tommy, it is clear that the head of Nabors Industries is not only friendly but cares for his people.

Another trait Petrello possesses is kindness. Even as a leader, he still thinks that it is critical for his organization to be part of community work. That is why when news of Hurricane Harvey went viral in late 2017, Tony Petrello decided to be part of a program that supported victims. Unlike the typical mornings where his employees reported to work for duty, Anthony Petrello instructed them to focus on helping the suffering.

On that morning, the employees of Nabors Industries reported to the shelter in which, victims of Hurricane Harvey resided. Having watched what they were going through from television stations and social media platforms, they knew exactly what was required to help those victims. Therefore, the employees, with Tony Petrello’s guidance, made a spacious open kitchen. They then cooked hot meals and served the victims. In addition to cooking, the employees rallied their friends and associates to donate clothes and food. That was not all as the same employees also ensured that the funding project was ongoing. The money was used to cater to some of the victim’s needs.

The adage charity begins at home probably fits Petrello’s excellent story. Because his daughter Carena was born underweight with cerebral palsy, she grew up as a special child who needed more family support. Tony Petrello has worked with children’s hospitals to fund projects that support the treatment of such children.

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