Whether you’re running for office, hoping to attract support for a social cause, or starting a business, you’re likely going to want to make a big splash. In spite of what your preconceptions may be telling you, you don’t need a big bankroll to host a rally. NGP VAN, a designer of campaign and fundraising software, offers some tips for making your first rally a success.

1. Don’t Get Too Ambitious
If you overreach, you may sabotage your own best efforts. It’s easier to work within your budget, if you plan everything out ahead of time. Establish what message you’re trying to send and who your target audience will be. Once you have these factors in mind, it will be easier to plan what you want to do.

2. Plot a Detailed Itinerary
When you begin the planning stage, determine how you will get publicity. Will you rely strictly on social media, or will you invite press to your rally? Also consider your venue. You will need to know where the rally will be to determine the logistics of your presentation. This means getting a sound system capable of carrying your message without distortions, arranging visual presentations in a way that they will be seen by everyone, and writing speeches that are quick to the point.

3. Connect with Attendees
You will likely need to hire help for your rally, or, if you know you already have supporters for your cause, ask for volunteers. In addition to helping things to run smoothly, they can help gather contact information from your guests. This will be helpful in keeping them updated on the latest news, but will also help you build up more support. If you stay in touch, you can generate stronger interest in your cause.

NGP VAN provides software to the Democratic party and other political and social campaigns that helps them better organize their events. The applications provided by NGP VAN assist in fundraising, administrative tasks, and with social media promotion. The company prides itself on providing the latest tech advances and applying them to the creation of live events. Any rally is a challenge to plan, but state of the art applications can make it easier and reduce the likelihood of embarrassing mistakes.

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