Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is a humorous novel authored by Sean Penn. Sean Penn wrote the book expressing his opinions on several matters concerning America’s present state. The story is meant to unveil the hidden truth about humans and the modes in which they can be attracted to understanding the political matters. The book talks about an irritated American by the name Bob who has other occupation of clearing the aged American Citizens using a hammer. According to Bob’s employer, killing the old people paves the way for his developments and success.

During an interview with the Vogue magazine, Sean Penn seems to love his writings in published works other than making video shoots. He felt more appreciated and convinced of his success in his actions when he does it on his own. He argues that success in writing a particular novel is attached on the author’s efforts alone and not a group of people just like in the production of a film where; struggles of a specific person are treated as if they belonged to contributions of the entire group.


He realised that he needed to work on his own to put into writing specific issues he wanted to express. This, however, did not require a collaboration of different individuals and therefore he opted writing his novels to have complete ownership of the works. Sean Penn came up with the idea after working with other individuals in the films but getting very minimal returns out of it due to personal considerations of the seniors in Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff.

The change into the new life of writing seems to interest him more, and he argues it happens to be his long-awaited dream. Sean has always loved working things at a faster rate and therefore writing and publishing novels would be the appropriate process for expressing his ideas.

According to Vogue magazine, Sean Penn had felt that the novel portrayed similar traits of the #METOO movement. However, the real message that his written materials tend to represent may not be the exact concepts the readers acquire. Sean consequently claims that his intentions on the Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff novel is encouraging all interested persons on creating equality for all.

In his work, Sean uses Bob as a character in the novel to signify the need of serving the interests of the Americans and also to make Politicians flee from their benefits. Sean Penn also tends to criticise the United States government in how they handled matters concerning democracy in the country. He thus aims at exposing the dark part of freedom in the United States. According to how people have responded to his novel, his message seems to have successfully found its way into the Americans.

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