After 80 years of flawless performance in the field of debt collection, IC Systems is doing it all. They collect debt for so many types of businesses; I’m not even going to waste your time listing them all. Suffice it to say, they do it all…which makes them the ones to call.

A high level of reliability is something that you only see from well-established companies that have already long since learned the game. Going with one of the upstarts might save you a few bucks, but it isn’t really worth it if you get shoddy work (

Security is a very high priority for a company of this kind. As such, IC Systems maintains the highest level of technology possible to protect their systems and the oft-times confidential data contained therein. This is another selling point for the company, because you have a much lower chance of being victimized by the next big data hack. The company is proud of the fact that, back in 1968, they were the first collections agency in America to throw away their typewriters in favor of computers.

There is no need to worry about IC Systems cutting corners and breaking laws, either. Their advanced compliance management system is focused around the prevention of any and all ethics violations that could backfire on your company. IC Systems put a very heavy emphasis on ethics, as they understand that their clients do not want to alienate their customer base. And of course, no one wants to get into legal trouble because a collections agency got a little too overzealous. Dealing with the most experienced professionals is the way to avoid such nonsense (Twitter).

Then there is the not so simple matter of patient billing disputes. The real test of a collection agency’s effectiveness is how often they can actually collect the debt in full. Oftentimes, the debtor does not want to pay, and has to be cajoled or even coerced into doing so. This is where the experience of a professional sets them apart from the amateur, who might be angered into crossing the line at this point.

For all your debt collection needs, this is still the one to call after 80 years of excellence.

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