The Sumba Foundation, China Association of Social Work, Child Welfare League of China and the Henry Street Settlement are just a few of the institutions where Christopher Burch entrepreneur extraordinaire has given donations. Contributing to the continual efforts toward research to the individual foci.

From being a child suffering with ADD, panic attacks, and anxiety attacks Chris has shown through overcoming his challenges that anyone can be a success story. Chris developed as a way to cope with panic and anxiety attacks the desire to listen and understand other people for his own mental clarity. The more he would listen to conversation and try to understand people the more he found his anxiety subsided. And the more he listened the more he grew in his ability to understand their behavior and the desires of consumers. And while he does invest in many companies Chris invests primarily in people and in the lives of human beings.

Chris is currently the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital where he has taken his fund’s to invest in a myriad of different industries. For over 40 years the vastness of his investments range from apparel, tech companies, retail, home furnishing, food goods, children’s products, real estate and much more.

Chris Burch’s most recent real estate venture was purchasing the Nihiwatu Resort on the Indonesian island of Sumba. This hotel in resort took a large investment and partnership with another investor named James McBride. However, the investment was worth while for sure. The resort has been ranked the number one hotel in the world by Travel and Leisure readers for the years of 2016 and 2017 ( Since acquiring the resort in 2012 Chris had a vision to maintain and protect the life heritage and story of the people of the island of Sumba. A beautiful island alone is something that needs to be preserved and shared to those that will truly appreciate its value. The same mind that was able to beautifully orchestrate a number one resort is the same mind that invested in individuals.

He helped find Ellen DeGeneres and other lifestyle brands with the necessary finances and hospitality to take their organizations and individual brandings to the next level.

The ability to intuitively see how consumers will operate in different infrastructures and consumer arenas has granted him the skill to know when to innovate or implement. To create a vision or to invest in those he believes would create a successful and positive impact on humanity.

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