Jason Hope has earned a lot of money building and investing in different businesses throughout the tech industry. He has established himself as a prolific writer and futurists. When it comes to the presence of technology in modern day society, Hope has ensured that he will be one of the first contacts for support. His writings have created a very supportive fan base and he acts in various roles, consulting different businesses all over the country. He has all of this success within the technology industry, but Hope has always shown a major interest in the benefits of increasing biotechnological advances. He is so dedicated to the research he believes can be completed in this field that he has dedicated more than $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation.

The SENS Research Foundation is the gold standard for biotechnological research and regenerative medicine. It was established in 2009 as a nonprofit organization by Aubrey de Grey and various other key individuals. Jason Hope chose an early partnership with the collaborative group and in 2008 donated his large sum of money. The money instantly went towards the advancement of a project launched to investigate arterial hardening and the causes of high blood pressure. For Hope, it was a good chance to see his money work for the future instead of sitting in the present. He found a great collaboration with the SENS Research Foundation and continues to maintain a lasting friendship with the current staff.

One other thing that is important about Jason Hope’s donation is that it goes a long way towards age-breakers. Age-breakers are medications that have been specifically designed to eliminate the advanced glycation process which removes the elasticity of tissue within the human body. If scientists are able to perfect the creation of such drugs, this will be a major breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine. At this time, scientists are able to say that they have been able to perfect this process for smaller animals and it is only a matter of time before humans are able to be included in this process as well. Jason Hope has pushed and empowered this research with his donation, but he is also inspired others to throw their support behind this type of research. In a world where more people are coming to terms with the aging process, it is still important to combat some of the worst parts of getting older. This funding will help with that.

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