Stansberry Research is a company governed by two simple principles, to give the customer all the information Stansberry would want if the roles were reversed and to only publish authors whose advice Stansberry employees would want their own families to follow. This adherence to excellence is a main reason that Stansberry Research is a go to company for financial information and software. The company is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland but also maintains offices in Florida, Oregon and California. In addition to the research the company provides, they also publish monthly and bi-monthly newsletters, as well as articles written by multiple financial authors.

Articles published by Stansberry Research can be found on their website and give an excellent preview of the quality one can expect from Stansberry. For example, “What to Do About the ‘Crash’ in China” was recently added to the website and discusses the fall in Chinese stocks last month. Though this was a terrible performance, it was not the worst performance possible from Chinese stocks. The article went on to discuss how the very nature of the Chinese stock market is that it is volatile. By reading the Stansberry publication, an investor can capitalize on the booms of the Chinese stock market and utilize an exit strategy before the next bust.

In addition to this in depth overview of the ‘crash’ in China, the article also went on to talk about concerns loyal Stansberry Research readers had about the market in general (Chronicleweek). Part of the article discussed the bullish feeling many financial gurus still have towards the market. By presenting multiple views on a variety of topics, Stansberry Research is able to give investors a complete picture of the market and their options. The final pillar of Stansberry Research’s excellent model is their commitment to customer service. If at any time during the first 30 days Stansberry Research doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations you can easily part with the company “as friends.”


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