The Fagali’l airport has had its share of difficulty over the course of its business dealings. There was a time when the airport had to shut down due to a hazardous condition among the Fagali’l village. This was a huge halt on business for the airport, but it would counter with an additional destination added to its flight destination list. The Fagali’l airport would show its ability to persevere for the sake of a commitment to the Apia area for getting people into the city. Apia has been a city of sheer excitement and fun for many years and to take away an avenue it which to get people into the city, after having only two airports in Apia as is, would definitely put major limitations on vacationers wanting to explore the city at will.

The Fagali’l airport would close its doors for business due to an upgrade needed to their landing strip. The airport would entail a grass landing strip, which would serve many slippery issues for planes and the matter had to be taken care of. Once the airline re-opened after the upgrade, complaints of the noise level would plague the Fagali’l village. After an inspection, it was revealed that the noise levels were of hazardous conditions for the town and the Fagali’l airport would have to close its doors to fix the issue. It would be a few years before the airline would re-open, putting a major deficit in vacation dollars that came into the city.

Years later, the Fagali’l airport would make the necessary adjustments to re-open and after a thorough inspection of the noise levels, the airport was cleared for business. There were minor complaints throughout the village, but nothing too extreme for it to close its doors another time. The greater element of opening its doors again was the fact that ownership added a new flight. Now, included in their flight destination list was an American territory – American Samoa. Now, to make up time and money lost, with this addition, they have a way to get most of their money back by bringing in a new stream of customers added on to what they were already used to.

Today, the Fagali’l airport is open for business and doing very well. The Samoan territory receives over 150,000 tourists each year.

Visit Apia [the capital of Samoa] today and enjoy the many water activities and fresh Samoan foods prepared from the resources of the city.

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