Vijay Eswaran explains that it is important to take risk early in a business career. The habit should be developed right away according to Eswaran. It is customary for people that are new to the job market to make safe decisions and look to establish themselves before venturing out on their own. However, the job market changes rapidly due to the many of the innovations that enter into the industry. Inventions such as automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are slowly taking over many aspects of business.

Vijay Eswaran knows that it is important to a gain experience when new to the job market. However, it is possible to gain experience and create opportunity for oneself at the same time. New job seekers should look for situations that match the qualifications that they have. In some instances a person may be better suited for a small startup company as opposed to a large organization. The job Seeker must take into consideration the difference between the two situations. The new employee should not overlook personality as a key component to matching themselves with the right environment.

Large organizations and startup companies each bring different attributes to the table for potential employees. Job seekers must consider the fact that a small startup company is in a rapid growth state that will eventually lead it to being a corporate organization. The new job seeker has a chance to grow with the company and take on greater responsibility due to its small structure. There is very little room for delegation of responsibility in a company that is brand new. The new executive will be expected to see their ideas though from start to finish.

It is important that the new job seeker be completely sold on the vision of the startup company. The organization will be changing rapidly producing many unexpected turns and obstacles. A large organization will not present these types of challenges. There is very little change in a company that is established and has a set procedure that is trusted by everyone.

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman of QI Group. The company is based in Hong Kong and specializes in multi-level marketing. Vijay is originally from Malaysia with two working class parents. His father was a member of the Ministry of Labor in Malaysia. Vijay’s mother was an educator in the school system. Eswaran earned a socio-economic degree at London School of Economics before moving on to Southern Illinois University where he obtained an MBA. Soon after his time as Southern Illinois Vijay became interested in multi-level marketing.

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