It has become much easier in recent years for enterprising individuals to start a business of their own. The number of aspiring young businessmen looking to take advantage of these opportunities has also been seen to increase.

Businessman William Saito, a native of Japan, has created an assortment of successful businesses using the knowledge and expertise he has gained throughout his many years as an entrepreneur.

William Saito gives back to aspiring young businessmen by giving advice on a number of important issues for start-up companies.


Marketing is central to the success of any business. This is even more so for a business endeavor that his just underway. The quality of products or services offered will not matter if the intended audience is unaware of their existence.

Often times start-ups do not have a marketer on staff capable of handling the work that is needed and should consider reaching out to outside experts.

Create A Culture

William Saito urges aspiring entrepreneurs to pay close attention to the culture they create when starting their new businesses. This will have a lot to do with the prospects of future success for their businesses. This will also determine the quality of employees a company is able to attract.

The business venture is an extension of the entrepreneur’s own system of values and these values should be passed down to all additional hires.


Risk Taking

Saito is big on young entrepreneurs taking risks and has done so himself multiple times in his distinguished career. Failure often must happen before any breakthroughs are made and this is something that William Saito has also experienced first hand.

Never Stop Improving

A great idea is a good place to start but not sufficient to maintain ongoing success. Regardless of the industry in which an individual decides to conduct business, there will always be enough competition to require a non-stop learning curve and the constant need for improved methods of operation.

About William Saito

William Saito his the oldest of three siblings born to Japanese immigrants in Los Angeles, California Saito graduated from high school in LaVerne, California in 1987. He went on to attend college at the University of California at Riverside and took part in a joint program between Riverside and UC Los Angeles that concentrated on Biomedicine.

Saito began his first business venture while still in high school which he eventually sold to Microsoft in 2004. He then moved to Japan where he operated as a venture capitalist, providing funding for several successful businesses. He was named by the World Economic Forum as a Young Global Leader in 2011.

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