Finance broker Graeme Holm is a huge advocate for the value of cash. In fact, he believes in it so much that he makes it a foundation of his company Infinity Group. Any client who comes to them for aid in reducing debt is place on a strict cash allowance. The slogan they follow goes something like, “You’re not buying it if you cannot pay cash”. Based on Infinity Group’s success rate, this plan is not far-fetched but actually quite profitable.


Graeme Holm founded Infinity Group to meet the financial problems many families in Australia were facing. Trapped in long-term loans such families were reduced to living from paycheck to paycheck, barely able to make the minimum payment on their loan. Holm was working in the finance market at the time, a top-level broker for the Big Four. His observations led to him to research the mortgage market and what he discovered was a severe lack of support. So, after seventeen years in the finance market, Holm hung up his own shingle and went into debt reduction service. Since then Infinity Group has build up an astounding rate of success. A hundred percent of clients with home loans are able to pay those loans off in a span of three months. Other clients with various non-tax caused debts are able to reduce them by an average of $41,000 over a span of 12 months. This is due to two major innovations from Holm. His cash only approach, and his treatment of finance from the perspective of a personal trainer.


Infinity Group dedicates itself to its clients. It sits down and creates a comprehensive, goal-oriented finance plan down to the smallest detail. It dies into the personal finance of its clients to discover problem areas, and then creates solutions to aid them in reclaiming their financial health. A huge part is the focus on cash. By allotting every expenditure to a cash allowance, Infinity Group Trains its clients in budgeting and money management. It also gets rid of any and all debt accrued form credit. But once the debts of said clients are paid, Infinity does not stop there. Following Holm’s observations Infinity endeavors to continue its support through the allocation of a personal banker. It then sets goals to aid clients in building wealth. This is what set Infinity Group apart, and what establishes Holm as a premier debt reduction specialist. They will carry past debt and into successful retirement.

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