Chris Burch is the CEO of Creative Capital. He has gained fame over the recent years for his contributions to the investment industry and his successes I the field are notable through the tremendous growth of his ventures. Chris Burch has exercised diversity in his ventures and he has launched firms based on the field of technology, fashion and hotel, and hospitality. He is passionate about working together with other people and he believes that teamwork is one of the major basis for a successful venture.

Together with his wife, Chris co-founded the Tory Burch LLC. The expertise of his partner who is a famous fashion designer has seen the firm grow tremendously since its establishment. The renowned investor has always had a passion towards the field of investment and while he was at Ithaca College, he sold sweaters to other students and this marked the beginning of his journey towards being a billionaire. His successes have been attributed to his commitment and ability to adopt unique approaches when it comes to managing his ventures. A vast number of people in the country strive to emulate his strategies to achieve success in their ventures.

Besides, Chris Burch also owns many other firms in the country including the Nihiwatu luxury resort which he bought and renovated. Through the resort, he has catered for the needs of various tourists in the country. It holds a special place in the heart of every individual that visits it, thanks to its unique nature incorporated with nature and wild ex [prince. Clients that visit the resort acquire a chance to meditate in the quiet and peaceful place as well as enjoy privacy depending on their preferences.

Chris has also seen a vast number of other brands grow tremendously through sharing his counsel and working together with those involved. Among the major firms that have benefited from his unique business strategies, include Jawbone, Voss Water, Poppin, among many others, read (

He encourages business owners to seek the counsel of other successful people as it boosts their decision-making process. He believes that people who share ideas with others fall high chances of achieving success in their ventures. Besides, he also insists on the importance of maintaining good relationships in firms. He believes that employers that treat their employees well are likely to achieve success in their ventures as by doing so, they get to work together towards the achievement of a common goal in the firm, as stated on

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