Infinity Group Australia has a different approach than the traditional broker. They go into extensive detail regarding the needs of the family and their household expenses. This enables them to establish a weekly cash budget for necessities such as groceries, travel expenses, fuel and entertainment. Once this is accomplished, Infinity Group Australia assigns a personal broker to the family to assist them in paying off their loan much faster. This makes the company an excellent long term financial coach. In just one year the company reduced a young families mortgage by $96,271. The longer a family works with the company, the more money they are able to save.


Infinity Group Australia reviews are excellent because their services provide real solutions. Their monthly performance report reveals if a family needs to have their budget adjusted or if it has remained in line with their expectations and goals. Detailed reviews are provided every six months to make sure the clients succeed and remain committed to decreasing their mortgage. Infinity Group Australia teaches families the differences between needs and wants while ensuring they remain accountable. The company has helped every client they have come in contact with including families, singles, young couples and older retirees.


One of the concepts of Infinity Group Australia concerns the debit card. This limits spending to what can be purchased using cash. There is a purpose for every dollar which prevents hard earned money from being wasted by purchasing something that will be thrown away in a few months. Instead, these funds reduce the daily interest for the mortgage. Expenses are mitigated without causing anyone to suffer. The enemy of the typical Australian family is credit. A debit card offers the same flexibility without overextending the family. Almost thirty percent of all Australian households are over indebted with Melbourne and Sydney showing the highest rankings.


Infinity Group Australia charges their clients a fee to assign a personal banker and create a debt reduction model. The outcome is their clients pay off more of their mortgages during their first three months as a client than during the past twelve months. This is possible with the support and guidance of Infinity Group Australia. The company was created because banks were unhappy when loans were paid off promptly since they lost their commissions on their mortgages. The goal of Infinity Group Australia is to have a positive financial impact on their clients by helping them decrease the amount of their mortgages quickly. This impact increases when the client uses the company for a long term financial coach.


The care Infinity Group Australia provides their customers with led to their nomination for customer service experience with the Optus Business Awards in 2017. The people they help are not considered clients but family members.

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