Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and philanthropist that is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. There is one thing that he is passionate and love, and that is technology because with it then the society can relate. The other things that he places a high degree in are that he can give back to the community thus helping those people in need.

The love Jason Hope has for technology is the reason why he came up with Interest of Things. The result received is that he has written an E-book that talks about the Internet of Things. The E-book title is “Understanding the Internet of Things Revolution.” The E-book has clear guidelines that will offer the reader with an understanding of the impact that will be received from the Internet of Thing in their daily lives.

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In the book, the first thing that is will talk about is a detailed explanation of what the Internet of Thing is. As for many people, they don’t have an idea of what it is. The other areas that Jason Hope will cover are the cars, security system and home appliances. The other thing that Jason talks about is the benefit that will be received once the Internet of Thing is made good use off and the risk that people should avoid. The philanthropist side of Jason has been seen in the contribution that he has made over the years, and the one that he focuses on is the anti-aging industry. The hope that he has is that he will part of a program that has goals of changing the views the medical sector have when it comes to aging.

The mission to be involved in such a program begun when he gave $500 000 to SENS Foundation. The program makes good use of biotechnology so that to deal with the aging process. The donation that Jason Hope made to SENS Foundation they used it in coming up with ways that would prevent the artery cell proteins, not to bound. The firm believes that the leading cause of high blood pressure is when the arteries harden and altering the cell protein will prevent that from happening.

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