As a managing partner at ASC Capital Holdings, an investment entity which specializes in backing early-stage healthcare companies, it’s obvious that Ara Chackerian places a high premium on technology, medicine and the combined effect of the two. He’s a big believer in making lives better via economic means too. As proof, he serves as president of a Nicaragua teak farm he founded , Limoapa Teak. The business employs locals, ups the regional standard of living and enacts best-practices both for sustainability and for leaving a minimal environmental footprint.


Ara Chackerian’s business journey, the weaving together of his diverse interests and skills until he emerged as an investment angel entrepreneur and visionary began humbly at the University of Florida, where he acquired a degree in Marketing and Business Management. Business creds established, Chakerian joined companies with ladders he could scale which were also specifically medical in nature. Evolute Consolidated Holdings and Pipeline Health Holdings were two. Ara Chakerian took the experience attained at these and other institutions and founded several companies, including BMC Diagnostics and TMS Health Solutions. Check out



Success with a business model which created outpatient radiology centers was intrinsic to the creation of the latter, as Ara Chackerian felt that the time was ripe to create a similar model for the psychiatric field. A meeting with Dr. Richard Bermudas, a strong believer in transcranial-magnetic-stimulation, proved timely too. Bermudas was uniquely suited to put Chakerian in the picture and thereby convey the need to make this life-changing tool available to the wider mental health community. Today, there are seven new TMS facilities in the San Francisco area, a testament to the Bermudas/Chakerian vision. You can visit for more.



As an ongoing supporter of the mental health community, Ara blogs regularly on topics specific to sufferers. A recent piece adjured readers, in the wake of the untimely deaths of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, to remember that nearly 50,000 Americans kill themselves every year. Sadly, although a mammoth health problem, worthy of the considerable debate afforded other health topics, it remains largely under the radar because people remain uncomfortable talking about it.


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