Shervin Pishevar, the founder of Investment company Capital, has been ranting all over the social platform, Twitter, expressing his feelings towards some economic circumstances and some of the policies being implemented by the current administration. This is the first time he is being seen commenting about matters affecting public.In his 21-hour Twitter extravaganza, Shervin Pishevar has managed to talk about almost everything that he thinks is currently affecting the society and how the economy of the United States will be in the next few years.

In one of his posts, Shervin Pishevar is profoundly concerned with the idea of the American economy being controlled by a few multinational corporations which seem to be calling shots in every sector. According to the financial guru, the economy of the United States is currently under sieve of Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet. These five multinational corporations seem to be setting the trends concerning the consumer behavior, and they decided what citizens buy and what they must not buy. He reckons that allowing such organizations to control consumer behavior is a monopoly that should not be accepted in the modern era.

Not only does the five monopolies determine on the consumer buying behavior and economic trends in the country, but they also set the prices. This means that other small corporations operating in the same industry have to either comply or get thrown out of the market. Shervin Pishevar is worried by the fact that the government seems to turn a blind eye to these shortcomings. In fact, some of the policies under implementation seem to favor the more prominent corporations rather than create a conducive environment for the upcoming entities.

Shervin Pishevar, wants the government to see it that these trends have been reversed and that the country is not living in the monopolistic world as it is currently. Policies should be developed such that even small corporations should be able to survive the onslaught of the more prominent entities. The future of the American economy should not be tied to large entities that seem to exploit rather than help the desperate consumers.

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