Herbalife is a company designed to foster good health and positive nutritional values. In keeping with this sort of social responsibility, the company and it’s distributors have decided to join with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising to give students an opportunity to design a new type of activewear to offer a more comfortable and beneficial clothing option for their target consumers. Students involved in this advanced study challenge will be responsible for designing the activewear as well as addressing how to best produce and distribute their product if chosen as the challenge victors.


To properly address the challenge, students will study millennial lifestyles as well as common trends used by athletes and other celebrities that are popularly known to live healthy and active lives. Herbalife will be analyzing designs with the FIDM to find items that can be sold worldwide and show a new and innovative activewear fashion that can help people to feel comfortable while embracing a healthier and more active lifestyle. Furthermore, to better prepare students who have not worked for Herbalife before, travel to different stations where Herbalife business will be conducted. These travel opportunities with allow for meetings with key personnel within the company that can assist students in finding progressive design ideas for the challenge. The ultimate goal of the challenge will yield new activewear designs to encourage consumers around the world to embrace healthier habits and provide the appeal and drive for a more active lifestyle with more convenience.

This will be the first such challenge issued to students of the FIDM with Herbalife, a company that has had an interest in bettering human lifestyles since its inception in 1980. The clothing challenge will help people get more interested in weight management and activity and will be able to use the clothing and consult with Herbalife for tools and products that will help them to change their lives in a productive and positive way. Living green and having a corporate, as well as worldwide, interest in health and wellness brings about a social responsibility to the challenge that will further and expand the mission of the Herbalife to more people throughout the globe.





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