OSI Food Solutions has had a long history of success. Recently, the company added to their success by purchasing Baho Foods, a Dutch food service company that is known for convenience foods. Foods like deli meats and various types of snacks have always been considered convenience foods, and it was a good move for OSI.

Although the financial details of the acquisition were not made public, it was orchestrated for the purpose of building presence in Europe. David McDonald, the COO of the company has stated in various articles that he was excited to bring this idea to fruition. It was long awaited as the company continued to expand in Europe. Additionally, McDonald wanted to highlight the strengths of the company to others. The primary focus has always been processing. This is what OSI Food Solutions is known for, and they desire to continue the trend. He feels that this enhances what the company is already doing, and it enables them to serve their customers on a broader scale.

The purchase of Baho Foods was structured perfectly. The German food company had five facilities for food processing between Germany and the Netherlands. These processing plants are known as subsidiaries of Baho Foods, including:

• Gelderland Frischwaren

• Henri van de Bilt

• Q Smart Life

There are a few others, but as the company continues to grow, they may very well acquire other processing plants as well. The ability to serve customers in more than 17 countries is a great way to get the name of OSI Food Solutions in front of more eyes. The daily operations will most likely not change much, with John Balvers, the managing director still on board. The team that Balvers works with is focused on developing a strategy at this time for some of the companies that will be combined. The team is brainstorming on ways to continue growth at a steady pace, while expanding at just the right pace in Europe.

Balvers has stated in recent interviews that he is thrilled about the coming changes. He also believes that working with a company like OSI Food Solutions will only continue to promote a good reputation with the name Baho Foods until they choose to change the name.

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