Continuing his winning trend, Troy McQuagge nabs his second CEO of The Year Award for 2016

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One Planet Awards has chosen Troy McQuagge as the 2016 winner of their golden CEO of The Year award. The international One Planet Awards program recognizes exceptional performances from businesses and leaders across numerous categories. A panel of volunteer judges, made up of industry experts and peers, determines the winners of each award. Troy McQuagge won in the category for businesses with 100 to 499 employees thanks to creating “unprecedented success, growth and profitability,” since taking the helm at USHEALTH Group Inc.

Troy has been working in the insurance industry for over thirty years. When he graduated from the University of Central Florida in 1983, he took his first position working at the Allstate Insurance Company. He later moved on to United Insurance Companies Inc. in 1995, working under their Student Insurance Division. They elected him President in 1997 and he continued to work with them when they later became HealthMarket. Mr. McQuagge joined USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2010 as President and CEO of their career insurance agency USHEALTH Advisors. He served briefly as the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. in 2013. The following year they elected him to his current position as their President and CEO. Click here to know more.

He is an ambitious leader, with a history of setting high goals and breaking records. One Planet’s award is Troy’s third award for 2016. He also won CEO of The Year and Most Innovative CEO, both given out by CEO World Awards in their insurance company category. While leading HealthMarket’s Agency Marketing Group, he drove the company’s sales to over $1 billion in 2007. Under his leadership, USHEALTH Agency grew to be the largest provider of health insurance in the “under 65,” market. One Planet Awards has also given USHEALTH Group Inc. their Company of The Year award due to McQuagge’s efforts. Staying humble, Troy said that his award “belongs to everyone at the USHEALTH.” The company, based out of Fort Worth, Texas, provides health insurance solutions to over 15 million customers.

For more information about Troy McQuagge and One Planet Awards, visit the original award announcement at prweb.com.

Brazilian Leaders/Business Lawyer

Bruno Fagali: What You Need to Know About His Life and Career

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Bruno Fagali, a law specialist and an attorney of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics is a qualified specialist in various law and integrity fields. He attained Bachelor in Law from PUC / SP College, masters in the state law from University of Sao Paulo (USP), law faculty and the Administrative law qualification from PUC / SP College. Bruno Fagali also attained the compliance qualification from FGV-Gv law.

Bruno Fagali has worked as the integrity manager of the advertising agency, the “new branch/ sb” and the ethics and advertising coordinator of the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics. In the recent development of the new branch/sb code of conduct and evaluation of the leader’s position, Bruno Fagali’s position as the manger was stabilized for the next two years. Fagali as the corporate integrity manager is as well the one responsible for the application of rules in the agency.

Fagali has been worked in various law firms. For example, he was employed at Associados Advocacia, Calil and Radi, where he all worked as an attorney. Due to his academic specializations and experience as a lawyer, Mr. Fagali has been able to invent the FAGALI advocacy. The firm has the functional placement contract. Due to the interest of finding a solution to the equality, FAGALI advocacy mainly focuses on the four subjects, the anti-corruption, compliance, public law, and election.

Bruno is well identified with his integrity and the provision of satisfactory legal service. He has made various assortments to eradicate corruption which is related to the public funds. He went as far as training some corporates on ways to initiate transparency and ethics within their organization. Bruno Fagali remains to be one of the reputable and uprising lawyers in Brazil. He continually contributes to the growth and stabilization of Brazil’s legal system.

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How White Shark Media Can Impact Your Marketing Campaign

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Did you know that White Shark Media can help you turn your marketing campaign around? Whether you are searching for assistance with PPC, SEO, or SEM for the legal industry or even dental care, White Shark Media will have you covered. If you need help with a new marketing campaign, or you are seeking new and innovative ways to attract new patients or customers, you should consider the services this agency offers.


I realized that my dental practice was stuck in a rut, and I wasn’t entirely sure how to handle it. I decided to look for help with my online marketing strategy and the campaign I was running. It really wasn’t all that effective. Getting more patients to sign up was exactly what I needed, and so they presented an offer to me for PPC, or pay-per-click. Being new to the term, I knew that I had to read more about what it was and how effective it could be. Needless to say, I learned that words matter to my patients, and I discovered more about what they are searching for online before they make a phone call to make an appointment.


Getting leads daily? Prior to working with White Shark Media I did not even know what a lead was, and I learned more about how to get automated marketing to work for me. I had no clue that there were multiple ways to attract the right patients and get them to pick up the phone and call, or even send us an email about a new appointment. One question I did ask them was, “How do I stack up against my competitors?” The representative I worked with knew exactly what I meant and she was kind enough to share with me how I could separate myself from the competition.


So, what now? The best thing you could do is re-evaluate your marketing campaign if business is stagnant. Don’t let another day go by that you are without a plan. If you need marketing help, I believe that White Shark Media should be your choice. You’ll learn not only what these tools are, but you’ll learn how to use them effectively just for your practice or legal office.

Educational Tool

Education Tech: ClassDojo

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Education tech has rendered the parents-teacher meeting obsolete. This technology has created a community of educators, parents and students where they build specific positive behavior on students in school. ClassDojo is one of the education tech companies that provide these benefits.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don founded ClassDojo, which is based in San Francisco CA, in 2011. This was formed to enable millions of teachers, students, and parents to collaborate to see the success of their kids’ lives.

The ClassDojo app provides features that both teacher and parents use either at school are at home. Teachers use this app to plan daily activities and share photos and videos with the kid’s parents showing their participation in recent activities.

The year round and even during school day communication of the ClassDojo community enables parents to know what their children experience in school, the activities they engage themselves and how they behave themselves while in school.

According to the company’s report, this app is used in 2/3 United States schools and over 180 other countries. In the US, 85,000 schools use this app actively inclusive of chartered, private and public schools.

ClassDojo is the easiest way for teachers to encourage students, and share their best moments with parents. When the company was founded in 2011, other edtech companies digitized their curriculum, grade books, and testing platforms but ClassDojo was free and easy to use application compared to them.

Just like other businesses, they do face competition from other education tech companies like Kickboard, FreshGrade, Nearpod, Remind and many others that provide online community for parents, teachers and students.

From the time this company was created in 2011 up to date, the San Francisco-based start-up has raised $31 million in venture funding. It even further moved from the education tech accelerator, Imagine K12 and now it is a part of Y Combinator.

In series B round of venture funding, ClassDojo has raised $21 million. General Catalyst led the series B round of the company. Other investors that are behind the company include GSV, Reach Capital, and SignaFire. The company closed the round in 2015 and are using the capital to grow their team.

General Catalyst Managing Director Hemant Taneja says that the company does not have any plans for monetization. The company motivation is what the parents and teachers need this is what drives the company.

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Gano Excel International

From a Small Time to a Global Entrepreneur – Bernardo Chua’s Story of Success

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Bernardo Chua is a global entrepreneur who has been working in the network marketing company for years. He is the owner and founder of Organo Gold, a company that produces traditional Asian Medicine and distributes/markets for itself.

He founded the Company in 2008. Bernardo Chua has been noted as a leader in the Health and Wellness Industry. In 2013, Organo Gold was ranked as 55th largest network marketing Company. Organo Gold is now a global Company with its presence in more than 35 countries.

Organo Gold is based in Vancouver, British Colombia. The group comprises Companies trading in the same name Organo Gold & Coffee Cannoisseur. Bernardo aim was to sell healthy bioactive coffee products.

In the Organo Gold, Bernardo started a program, preferred customer program which rewards frequent buyers by giving discounts on its products. The company grew from three employees to an industry with Millions of people. Globally, Organo is among the largest producers of tea, tablets and instant coffee. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: https://www.businessforhome.org/2011/12/organo-gold-review-2012/

In July 1999, Bernado Chua started working with Leow Soon Seng in establishing Gano excel in the Philippines. Leow was his mentor. The Company was later expanded to Canada, Hong Kong, United States. In 2003-2008, Bernardo worked as the president of Gano Excel USA. In 1999-2008, he worked in operations at Gano Excel International. Bernardo co-founded the Gano Excel Philippines in 1999 where he also worked as a General Manager.

In the course of his business development, Bernardo has won many awards. He was once the direct sales Company Executive. He got an award in Business and Industry in Dangal ng Bayan Award in 2014. In 2015, he got two Dangal ng awards.

He was also recognized as one of the outstanding global entrepreneurs. Since 2015, Organo Gold was rebranded as Organo. They have a large network of independent distributors.

Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman who has come from small time to a global investor. He is a marketing expert. Bernardo Chua is a mentor who gives speeches to make an impact. He uses youtube to talk about The OG Cares Foundation, an organization aimed at enriching young men and women worldwide. In twitter, he is followed @OGBernie.

Business/Cancer Therapy

Eric lefkofsky’s Revolutionary Contributions to the Health Sector

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Eric lefkofsky has earned approximately $ 1.79 billion over the years from his successful e-commerce start-ups. This achievement motivates him to think of bigger and better projects in future. Eric became popular after he joined Echo Global Logistics. Eric partnered with Brad Keywell to do business. Their innovative nature has enabled them to make significant achievements in the medical sector. Eric currently owns Tempus Company. The company has contributed to numerous innovations that have revolutionized the health sector. Lefkofsky made important inventions in the gaming and financial sector. The inventions motivated him to try the same in the medical industry.

Tempus thought of ways of assembling an extensive genomic database of cancer. The large data system allows doctors to compare patients’ DNA to the data it contains. From the comparison, they can correlate their therapeutic needs. This system makes, living with cancer for a long time more realistic than before. Eric has brought revolutionary changes to health by making cancer manageable. Large chunks of data that once went to waste after being collected are now analyzed to give improved treatment to patients.

Eric has made it possible for Tempus to collaborate with other renowned hospitals to gain access to a broad range of data. It was also their initiative to ensure that a 20000 square foot laboratory for gene sequencing and coding was built. Additionally, Eric spearheads Software technological advancement that will allow DNA profiles from patients to be compared with other cancer profiles. This technology makes it easy to get adequate information about patients and apply it to ensure that they get the best treatment.In his journey to forming Tempus, Eric left his position as the Chief Executive Officer of Groupon in 2015. Even though he left the company, he is still its largest shareholder. As the leader of Tempus, he hired Kevin White who is a geneticist with extensive genetic knowledge. He has so far built the Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology at the University of Chicago. Eric’s inventions inspire many young medical practitioners to embrace creativity in their profession.



Tips To Help You Save Money

Goettl Air Conditioning Lists Some Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Utility Bill This Summer

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As summer approaches, your utility bill will be impacted. Trying to keep your home cool in the middle of the Summer heat can be expensive. However, Goettl has some tips that can help you save money on your utility bill by maximizing your cooling system.

Use A Ceiling Fan

While the ceiling fan may not be enough to control the heat on its own, do not underrate its impact on a good cooling strategy. Ceiling fans help improve the circulation throughout a room, which allows you to evenly spread the air without using a lot of energy.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Studies have shown that adjusting your thermostat is a great way to save money while staying cool. Purchase a smart thermostat that will raise the temperature settings when you are away from home. Don’t try to cool your home continuously throughout the day when you aren’t at home anyways.

Use The Shade

You’ll obviously feel cooler in the shade than you would in the sun, so use that same principle in regards to your AC unit. A unit that is sitting in direct sunlight will have to work harder to stay cool, which hurts the efficiency of the unit and causes you to pay more money towards utility costs.

Other Tips

Remember that even the strongest HVAC systems are susceptible to wearing down over time. To keep your systems working at its highest level, stay up to date on maintenance issues. Keep the system clear of any debris and keep space between the system and any plants. Change your air filter every few months and do inspections to look for any leaks.

About Goettl

Goettl has established a reputation as a leader in the HVAC industry. They provide customers with the top HVAC services throughout Arizona. Goettl has become famous throughout the world for their innovations in the heating and cooling industry.

Cancer Therapy

Clay Siegall’s Contribution to Cancer Therapy

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Clay Siegall is the founder, president, CEO, and chairman of Seattle Genetics. He founded the company in 1998 and has been the CEO for the 19 years that the firm has been in operation. Seattle Genetics was established on the premises of innovative scientific research. Clay, a trained scientist in the biomedical field had a passion for developing new medicines and treatments for patients. This passion prompted him to establish the firm. A critical analysis of the company reveals that the corporation is an extension of its founder both in policy and practice.

Clay’s Articles

Besides being a medical scientist, Clay Siegall is an author where he has over 70 publications. He writes across many disciplines. Recently, he has written on the current issue of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change. The work is posted on his blog website. The last two posts were on: why the republican mayor in Indiana isn’t cheering on the agreement. Here Clay states the reasons why the mayor is not in support of the president’s decision. The second article is on the Electric Power Giant’s criticism of the president’s decision to withdraw from Paris climate agreement.

Clay’s Role at Seattle Genetics

At Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall plays a critical role where under his leadership, the company has been approved to produce ADC products and ADCETRIS. ACEDTRIS has become a global brand and is now approved in more than 65 countries. He has also pioneered the company to acquire strategic licenses for the company’s ADC technology.

His contribution towards the cancer research community

Clay Siegall is committed to finding out a cancer therapy that is both effective and efficient. The firm is doing thorough research to ensure they develop a drug that will be able to fight and destroy cancerous cells only as opposed to other medicines. The primary objective of the company is put their patients under medication that won’t have harmful side effects to their body.

Clay has also played key roles in helping Seattle Genetics raise more than $1.2 billion through public and private financing. The capital infusion has allowed the company to continue making advancement in cancer research treatments. These achievements can be attributed to Clay Siegall’s combination of exemplary leadership skills and scientific skills.

Internet/Online Reputation

John Goullet: The Brain behind DIVERSANT, LLC

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John Goullet is a renowned figure in the technology industry. He currently serves as the Principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. John started off his career as an IT consultant. He was later promoted to the position of a staffing officer before founding Info Technologies in the year 1994. His deep knowledge in the field enabled him to create Info Technologies, a firm whose mission was to offer staffing services and solutions to other companies. His passion for helping clients find solutions to their problems is matched by his great skills in leadership and commitment. Not only would John Goullet meet his clients’ expectations, but he would deliver beyond them. Under his leadership, the company recorded a high growth rate and received some awards such as being ranked eighth among other promising companies in the country. At the same time, Info Technologies appeared twice on the list for some fastest growing firms in the US.

DIVERSANT, LLC, is a prestigious IT staffing enterprise which is American-African owned in the United States. The firm is renowned for its professionalism, excellent customer service, and its commitment towards its clients. Despite most firms experiencing economic depression, DIVERSANT, LLC continues to dominate the market. With John Goullet’s position as the principal, his leadership skills continue to be evident in making the firm’s reputation to grow positively.

According to his interview with ideamensch, John Goullet says that the idea for DIVERSANT came to him several years ago. This was after he realized that there was a challenge for companies to find appropriate staffing solutions. John believed in himself and DIVERSANT came into existence. He continues to say that a typical day for him starts off with him hitting the gym and working out for about an hour. He then heads off to the office by around 8 in the morning. Unless he has any dinner appointments in the evening, he leaves the office by 6.

John Goullet says that his way of bringing ideas to life is geared by simply being keen to the labor markets and reading enough books. He continues to reveal that with the shortage of IT staff in the country, the firm strives to create technologies that will be highly demanded in the market.

To know more visit web page: www.noanimalsleft.org/diversant-principal-john-goullet/



Animal Health/Dog Nutrition/Best Dog Food

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Walmart has a large selection of Beneful dog food. You can find bags of food in various sizes and in a range of prices to suit your budget. Most bags of food are between $5 and $10. The wet food is anywhere from less than $1 for a single serving to $3 for a few containers that come in one pack. Most of the varieties with real ingredients are the same price as others. Most smaller bags are around $5.

There aren’t many stores that have the Beneful Healthy Weight With Real Salmon. However, there are healthy weight varieties with chicken and beef. Some stores carry the wet food with the real salmon, but the variety is somewhat hard to find unless you go online and order that recipe.

You can find coupons for Beneful in newspapers and in inserts that you get in the mail. There are sometimes coupons offered by Walmart, but the best way to get a discount is to either print a coupon or find one in a paper. At times, the store will have rollbacks on the food in order to make room on the shelves for new items, meaning a discount for customers on the brand.

To know more visit@ www.beneful.com/products/wet-dog-food/