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OSI Group Food Service History

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OSI Group is a renowned food provider that is recognized around the world. They work with retail groups and food service providers to provide food that is safe, appropriate for different food tastes around the world and has high standards of quality.

OSI Group’s international headquarters is in Aurora, Illinois. The company was started in 1928, under the name Otto & Sons, after founder Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, opened up a wholesale meat trade business. Otto & Sons partnered with Ray Kroc, founder and CEO of McDonald’s to be one of McDonald’s meat suppliers. After the advent of cryogenic food processing in the 1960s, McDonald’s dropped most of their meat suppliers and focused on four groups to supply their beef. Otto & Sons was chosen to be one of the four meat suppliers for the major fast food chain. In 1975, the business changed it’s name to OSI Industries.

OSI Group was awarded the prestigious UK Globe of Honour Award in 2016 for environmental management. This award is given to companies that not only get five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit, but they also have to excel to an independent panel of experts that they go above and beyond environmental management from the the company’s executive boardrooms to production floors. With such rigorous scrutiny, to be eligible for the award, receiving it is of the highest honors.

OSI Group comes from humble beginnings, but has since expanded globally and offers food service programs and partnerships all over the world. It was listed as number 58 on Forbes list of largest of private companies in 2016. From a German immigrant’s dream to open up a respectable meat market in America to a globally recognized company and food supplier, OSI Group’s story is truly an American dream.


Mike Baur Helping Launch the Dreams of Entrepreneurs

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Many entrepreneurs have useful and smart ideas in their particular area expertise. Whether it be a small-town mechanic with an innovative new product to help fix aging cars, or a group of young professionals that want to start the next great health food restaurant chain, great ideas in this world are almost boundless. However, these great ideas remain just that if the entrepreneurs behind them don’t receive financial and business management assistance. That is where Mike Baur steps in and provides the assistance that so many up-and-coming ideas desperately need.


Baur is able to provide clear, concise and quality business information to new start-ups due in large part to his financial education and work experience. His collegiate career started off with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Banking and Finance from the University of Applied Sciences Bern in Switzerland. Then Baur followed up this degree with two MBA degrees. He received a traditional MBA from the University of Rochester in New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Berne in Switzerland.


Baur used the education garnered from these advanced degrees in the financial Industry. Being Swiss, he started his career in the Swiss private banking sub-industry. He worked for large, worldwide banking companies such as UBS and Clariden Leu, which would later be merged with Credit Suisse. After twenty years of working for these large banking institutions, Baur decided to start his entrepreneurial career.


In 2014 he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory, with his business partners with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer. Based in Zurich, the company is described as an accelerator for new ideas and businesses. At the base of the company’s philosophy of helping start-ups get up and running is a unique three-month program. During this time, the company provides office space within the city of Zurich, mentoring to the start-up’s owners and networking tools to help spread the word about the new start-up. While the Swiss Startup Factory may not directly be responsible for the genesis of new products or businesses, it is immensely valuable and crucial for new entrepreneurs. Without this company, many new start-ups would just be dreams on paper.




John Goullet: The Right Type of Leader

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When it comes to being a leader, it takes a strong man or a strong woman. Sometimes they have to make some incredibly difficult decisions. They have to have the conviction to stand behind them and not waver when they make them them, however. They need to be confident in what they are doing and the plan they have put out there in place. After all, that is why Diversant put John Goullet on their leadership and advisory board. They knew they were getting a man that once owned his own company in Info Technologies. He has never shied away from the big decision or the big move.

While at Info Technologies, he was put in charge of finding solutions for Fortune 500 companies. To him, this was a sign of confidence from the companies. It meant they knew they could trust him. Fortune 500 companies have a lot of wealth and they have a lot they need to be handled. They can’t just put this out there to anyone. If they do, they can find themselves in some real deep trouble. That is exactly how Diversant operates in terms of putting people on their leadership and advisory board.

They do not want anyone that is going to lead these young men and women astray. They want to make sure they are going to lead them in the right direction and get them set up with the right Fortune 500 companies as IT professionals. He is also the principal executive in addition to being an entrepreneur, which shows he can handle many tasks at once and he relishes that. He is one of those types of people that loves to work. He does not see it as a job, though. When someone loves what they do, they are the right type of leader and the right type of person for the job.

These IT professionals can rest easy knowing they are getting the best training and the best advice from John Goullet. He has been there and done that and he is going to give them the wisdom they need to get ahead as an IT professional.

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How to Start and Run a Business Like Mike Baur

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Running a business takes a lot of hard work. There are a lot of people who struggle with managing all of the aspects of running a business. If you want to take things to the next level in your business, learning from the best is one of the best ways to do so. Mike Baur recently announced that he was going to start a startup factory. This was designed to teach people a variety of aspects in running a business. Many people have no idea how to take their business ideas to the next level. If you want to learn how to start and run a business, he is one of the best people for that.

Mike Baur

There are few people who love what they do for work. However, Mike Baur is one of those people. He has dedicated his life to helping others in business. If you want to scale up your sales and profits, learning his strategies is one of the best things that you can do. He has started companies in a variety of industries. Over time, he has learned a lot of tricks in building a great business. Learning from others is one of the most important things that you can do in business. Mike Baur is a great resource of information if you ever need help on taking things to the next level.

Growing Your Profits

As a business, it is important to grow your profits every year. However, this is a lot easier said than done. Mike Baur can teach you ways to save money and to grow sales without having to spend more money. There are a lot of people who are interested in taking things to the next level in their business. Learning how to cut expenses without hurting the experience of the customers is one of the best things that you can do.

Final Thoughts

Mike Baur and his start up factory is one of the most important things that any business owner can do or learn about. If you want to grow your business over time, there are a lot of ways for you to accomplish this. For example, investing your time and money into the business is essential to long term success. Mike Baur knows how to invest his time in a way that makes sense for his goals and dreams, and you should learn to do the same.



JustFab Joins The Billion Dollar and Counting Club

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Adam Goldenberg has an extensive history as a business man. He sold his first company to the parent company of Myspace, Intermix Media in 1999. He became one of the youngest COOs of this publicly traded company after he quit high school. Intermix Media was acquired by News Group for $650 million. After this acquisition, he started a new venture with his business partner. At this young age of 20 years old, he began his relationship with his now business partner Don Ressler.

In 2006, the company Intelligent Beauty was formed by Goldenberg and Ressler. They officially began their foray into the health and beauty ecommerce industry. Later on they decided to expand the brand and integrate a social interaction layer with fashion and began JustFab Inc. They hired style consultants and designers and initiated their monthly subscription model across the brand. The goal was to keep engagement high instead of simply selling shoes.

Kimora Lee Simmons joined into the venture early on, enticed by the company’s potential. The partnership with Simmons resulted in more social media interaction as Adams Goldenberg and Ressler planned. Now JustFab continues to offer its tailored, customizable services to women around the world and generate millions of dollars in revenue. Goldenberg has successfully created a company that leads the charge regarding the online subscription model.

Currently JustFab has over 35 million members and is active in over 7 different countries. JustFab Inc. has become an umbrella company for FabKids, Fabletics, and Shoe Dazzle. Goldenberg credits his success to being metrics driven and able to learn quickly. Merchandising decisions on are based upon a team put together for the purpose of receiving feedback from customers. He knows his customers well, what they are willing to pay $39.95 for and what they are not. Goldenberg states, “We have a team dedicated to understanding our members and use their feedback to guide our product…”

Another credit to success can be attributed to his ability to choose team members that are passionate about the vision of JustFab and only focusing on these top performers. Goldenberg has also had a great deal of success raising capital and had a funding round in 2014 that resulted in $85 million. He didn’t stop there, JustFab has obtained over $300 million in funding resulting in a valuation of over $1 billion dollars. This makes the company very unique and part of a special club of companies with a valuation this high. JustFab has brought itself up to the ranks of Forever 21, The Gap, Abercrombie, and H&M. JustFab has opened a test store and plans to open more in the future, although more and more retail dollars are being spent online at

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Andy Wirth Promotes the Development of the Resorts Found in Lake Tahoe

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Andy Wirth is an innovative man who resides in California. He is the sole founder of an iron man technical team referred to as The Wounded Warrior Support Team. Wirth founded this team after the nearest occurrence of a fatal accident in the skydiving field. This professional team raises a fund that is allocated to the Navy Seal Foundation. Mr. Wirth supervises the individual operations of this organization by helping a successful visit to sites.

Philanthropist Wirth also serves as the Senior Executive of Squaw Valley Ski Company, which has a resort in Lake Tahoe area. He is a committed and hardworking who works to improve the conditions of his resort as the best tourist destination point. Wirth has also been in cooperation with the local authorities to promote sustainability and flexibility of Lake Tahoe environment. His vision is making Lake Tahoe a suitable place to be visited by people of all ages. This information is according to the Reno-Gazette Journal that aided the publication of this article.

His efforts have however been facing challenges, both from the natural perspective and political dimension. The backers have been fighting for the incorporation of Olympic Valley, which borders the North Shore communities and the Squaw Valley Holdings. Wirth organized a move to oppose the incorporation due to the effects that would result from the merger.

His motion was successful after the backers dropped their move. Andy explained that the repercussions of the move would lead to a severe change in social relations and a threat to enterprises venture. Mr. Andy Wirth Company spent a large sum of money to protect the economic well-being of Lake Tahoe residents. Wirth implied that the incorporation would have diverse effects such as imposed higher rates of taxes on the residents and resorts, a decrement of the tourists who visits the area, and a poor maintenance of the infrastructure system that helps in business undertakings.  .

In the journal publication, Wirth added that the incorporation would lead to the isolation of the Olympic Valley from the other communities found in the North Shore communities. The Squaw Valley Holdings is currently strategizing on the improvement of the real estate design by establishing the building internet of things in the resorts. The Company has been on the move of creating a bridge connecting the Alpine Meadows and the Squaw Valley Holdings Incorporation to enhance a reliable and efficient tourist destination site.

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The Slump Lake Tahoe Has Dealt With Is Finally Over

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A public battle between Andy Wirth, resorts and other business owners against backers of area incorporation in Lake Tahoe was recently covered in an article by the Reno-Gazette Journal. The article also highlights the general problems the tourism industry has had the last four years in Lake Tahoe. The political war between the resort and business owners and the unfavorable weather conditions the last four years has had Lake Tahoe in a terrible slump. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings and Resort and he has spearheaded this fight against the backers of the incorporation of the area.

There has been a very public war of words between the two sides, and there has also been a financial war too. According to the article, the backers of the incorporation are saying Squaw Valley Ski Resort has spent a substantial amount of money to block the incorporation because Squaw Valley Ski Resort has hidden motives for wanting to prevent the incorporation. Andy Wirth has waved off this allegation of hidden motives, and he stated the backers have spent several hundred thousand dollars to try and get the incorporation pushed through. It appears the main motive for trying to prevent the incorporation is because it would spell disaster for a range of businesses in the area, and it would affect the largest resorts all the way to the smallest establishments.

Despite the money spent on the legal battle to incorporate the area, a California commission has effectively put a stop to the push. This has been a relief to Andy Wirth and other business owners in the area. Lake Tahoe has also been very fortunate aside from the legal victory. Early season winter storms have blanketed the area and been accompanied by cold temperatures. Snow and cold weather is ideal for Lake Tahoe, and the weather has allowed the resorts to open much earlier than usual. Early opening will bring in more tourists for a longer season, which means an economic boom for the entire area and all of its businesses.

According to Andy Wirth’s Wikiepedia entry, he has been very busy the last 25 years in the hospitality industry. He took over Nancy Cushing’s position of CEO for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He has also won several business and humanitarian awards including Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports. He is indeed an upstanding and valuable member of his community and business community as well.


Entrepreneurs Create Companies Like Solo Capital

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If there is anything that can be said for entrepreneurs, it is that they create jobs. They not only create jobs for themselves, but for others as well. While it is good to be able to find a job, it is also good to have a back up plan just in case finding a job is very difficult or even impossible. Sanjay Shah was put into this very position when he decided to found Solo Capital. While many people often find themselves in a bad position when they are unable to land a job, Sanjay Shah takes the time to think outside of the box.

Of course he went on the basis of his experience in order to create Solo Capital. He went with his experience with sports investing, consulting, and trading. As a result, he has formed a company that is very successful, holding millions in capital as a result of its investments.

Being able to run a company takes a lot of education, skill and experience and Sanjay Shah is not lacking in any of these areas. He has started off studying medicine in the hopes of becoming medicine. However, he has found that he is not a right fit for the medical industry. He then changed his focus to business where he has studied and graduated.

He has worked for a variety of banks before starting Solo Capital. Even though he didn’t become a doctor, he is still involved in health care and medical help in some way. He has always made donations to charity and sponsored children. He is also involved with the funding of autism research through his charity Autism Rocks. He is funding it so that the can help his son who was diagnosed with the condition and provide effective treatment so that he could function well.

You can follow them on Twitter.

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The Olympic Valley Incorporation Motion Is Brought Down By Andy Wirth.

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The Olympic Valley has resumed normal operations early this season. This has mainly been brought about by the early seasonal winds which will favor fast snowing considering the prevailing cool temperatures. The Olympic Valley is famous as a top tourist destination in North America due to it’s long ski terrains. Skiing is a top sport in this area, and the mountain terrain makes it one of the best ski spots in the world. Most of the tourists who come to this area are professional skiers or just anyone who loves winter games. For a long time, the Olympic Valley has been Lake Tahoe’s community economic backbone. Most of the residents of this region work in resorts or other depending businesses.

Recently, an incorporation motion for Olympic Valley was being pushed forward. Andy Wirth, the owner of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which owns the Squaw Valley Ski and Alpine Meadows resorts was on the front line in the opposition of this motion. Andy Wirth’s opposition was supported by the majority of residents in the area. Andy Wirth opposed the incorporation motion because it was going to bring higher taxes to the area. The high taxes would end up affecting the economy of the region as it would lead to reduced business activities. The incorporation was also going to deny the Lake Tahoe region social services like road maintenance and snow clearing which they were currently enjoying.

Andy Wirth has a passion for helping and participating in programs that will change the community. In the same spirit, he participates in community work and community development projects in the Lake Tahoe region. He is also a founder and a big donor to two charities, the Wounded Warrior Support and the Crowdrise campaign. Andy Wirth dedicated most of his time to this charities. He formed the Wounded Warrior Support together with his Navy Seal friends after he nearly lost his arm in a skydiving accident.This is a group of Ironman, whose main objective is to help Navy Seals who have suffered the loss of limbs in war get prosthetic limbs. This organization also helps this Seals with psychological support so that they can swiftly adjust to normal life. This support group works in partnership with his Crowdrise charity campaign. They collect funds from donors and well wishers and donate the money to the navy seals foundation.

Andy Wirth is glad that operations in Olympic Valley are back to normal after the four-year drought that had hit the area. The drought had affected the level of ice in Olympic Valley, bringing tourism activities in the area to a standstill. Andy Wirth admits that the past four years have been tough on them especially due to the drought. With tourism activities no longer supporting the area economically, the resorts and businesses in the area were forced to close down. But now that the new season has started early, he says that he anticipates a good business season this year. He also expects tourists to flock on their thousands to the area following the improvements that have been done in the region especially Olympic Valley.

Published on the Reno-Gazette Journal.


Bad News in Beijing ahead of G20

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Despite recent news that Beijing may have replaced New York as the billionaire capital of the world, downturns in the Chinese economy may hit hard ahead of an important G20 meeting. Chinese stocks took a tumble recently falling 6% as political leadership has tried to reassure the country. That 6% slide is the average, however, with many stocks losing 10% of their value. That 10% loss is the lowest allowed in one day by Chinese policy, however, which may be hiding the true long term loss. How is it that China is in this position?
One of the reasons may have to do with the fact that China is currently a low end manufacturing country, something that it is trying to change. Despite the fact that many products that Americans use on a daily basis are stamped Made in China they aren’t products that have a lot of value. A Chinese made tee shirt travels across the Pacific, is loaded onto an untold number of trains and trucks, then sold at Walmart for 10 dollars. That doesn’t sound like a product that generates a huge profit margin. China may assemble the iPhone but the components are made in places like Germany, South Korea, and Japan. Chinese works may add 3 dollars in labor to the value of the final product.
Another reason Chinese markets may be slipping is that in the past few years China relied on government stimulus to help the economy along. There are dozens of reports of ‘ghost’ cities and railways. Officially China’s debt to GDP is 41%; unofficially no one really knows since most of that debt is in government owned banks. China plans on investing another 15 billion dollars in relocating workers in the next few years but where is the money coming from?
Members of the G20 may not be reassured by these statements and if that is the case global markets may be in for another tumble. With the fragile state of the world economy a recession in China would have global consequences. If China does try to shift its economy away from low end manufacturing too quickly it would set off a chain of layoffs, further depressing its economy. Over the past few years China has seen a slow down from its once double digit growth. Now may be the time we finally seen the effects of previous Chinese financial policies.
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