BRL Trust adds security for Brazilian investors

The economy of Brazil has been through some tough times in recent years and has seen its financial sector take the brunt of the force of the problems being faced. For a new company to begin operating and become one of the top financial services companies in the country in a short ten years shows the high quality of the work and options provided by the BRL Trust. The growth of companies like BRL Trust has given the Brazilian economy a boost and has inspired major economic powerhouses in terms of international banks and other countries to invest in the country and its financial future.   Since those first initial…
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Bruce Levenson and Others Prepare to Sell the Atlanta Hawks

A Soaring Market

In September, 2014, NBA owner Bruce Levenson and others indicated that the Atlanta Hawks NBA team and management rights to the Philips Arena would be auctioned. At the time, considerable speculation surrounded the possible final price the sale would generate. Although Forbes reportedly suggested last year that the Hawks might command a price in the $425 million range, recently a much higher figure of a billion dollars was considered likely by some people involved in the professional sports industry.

What might account for the media's confusion? Some writers have suggested that the lucrative contracts for televised basketball events recently obtained by the NBA has enhanced the overall value of…
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Bruce Levenson, Past and Present

Bruce Levenson, a 65-year-old American businessman, is one of the owners of the Atlanta Hawks and Phillips Arena, the stadium in which the team plays. Levenson was born in Washington D.C. on October 1, 1949, and spent his young life in Chevy Chase, Maryland. After attending Washington University in St. Louis and graduating from law school at American University, Levenson focused on his journalism career at the Washington Star. In 1977, Levenson co-founded United Communications Group, a company focused on publishing pamphlets and newsletters reporting and analyzing the developments in the oil industry, with Ed Peskowitz. UCG became a success and began acquiring other newsletters, eventually becoming the privately held…
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Trust and Professionalism with BRL Trust Investments j

BRL Trust is an investment company that is dedicated to helping you with all of your investment needs. Since 2005 BRL trust has been providing private loans and trust services and has continued to grow its team of professionals. The dedication and knowledge that you are going to find with BRL Trust has led the company to becoming of Brazil's largest private investment companies. Using a team of highly skilled and experienced experts, BRL Trust is able to make sure that you are able to invest safely. BRL Trust also offers services that can help you with the management of your investments as well. BRL Trust is a company that…
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Haidar Barbouti: A Man With Creative Solutions and Innovation

Who is Haidar Barbouti? Haidar Barbouti is a real estate genius that transforms spaces into futuristic pieces of art. The Houston Chroniclerecorded him as saying "we don't do anything cookie-cutter" when asked about his approach to properties. It's hard to imagine what the future has in store for this forward-thinking real estate mogul, but the future seems to be a bright one to say the least! The Barbouti family has been in investment real estate since the year 1986 with properties all over the world. Haidar Barbouti is the leading man in terms of the United States investments that his family has acquired over the years. The Highland Village Shopping…
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