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What Has Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot Accomplished Up to Now?

Posted by Avery05 on

Jeanmarie Guenot, Ph.D. received her MBA from The Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and her PhD from the University of California, San Francisco. Jeanmarie Guenot’s focus was physical and medicinal chemistry, quantum mechanical and semi-empirical methods for molecular dynamics, protein structure prediction, X-ray and nuclear magnetic resonance refinement and drug design.

With significant expertise and experience exceeding 20 years, Jeanmarie Guenot is currently serving as president and chief executive officer of Amphivena Therapeutics, Inc. The organization is in business to create innovation in the field of blood malignancies on With an impressive work history, at SKS Ocular, LLC as founder, partner and original employee, Dr. Guenot, was also a managing partner at Guenot, LLC. She began her career as a team leader and principal scientist at Hoffman LaRoche and from there she became an associate of life sciences at Atlas Venture. And finally, before creating Guenot, LLC, Dr. Jeanmarie Guenot served as vice president of corporate and business development at PDL BioPharma. Her expertise spans many interest; however, her passion is building or rebuilding companies. Her impeccable accomplishments include:

• Drug and therapy development for glaucoma, macular degeneration and ocular inflammation;
• Led licensing, mergers and acquisitions and alliance management;
• Licensed the ophthalmic indication for the oncology drug Ophthotech;
• Portfolio, project and alliance management in the areas of oncology, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, neurology and ophthalmic diseases;
• Management of venture capital investments and construction of life science companies;
• Discovered and developed drugs for metabolic diseases, inflammation, autoimmune diseases and oncology.
Amphivena is led by five additional distinguished medical professionals and has partnered with both Janssen Biotech, Inc., and Affirmed Therapeutics AG.

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CEO Profiles

The Key To Success With Adam Goldenberg

Posted by Avery05 on

Products, promotions and business models are some of the many aspects that go into business success. It is very rare to find someone that could handle everything. Fortunately, there is a team in the fashion industry which include Kate Hudson, Don Ressler, and Adam Goldenberg of the TechStyle team. Don Ressler handles the products, Kate Hudson handles the promotions, and Adam Goldenberg handles the technical aspects of the business. One of the signs that the TechStyle company is a success is that there are a lot of people that interview the heads of the business because of how impressed they are with the business model on

Adam Goldenberg pays a lot of attention to what is being sold because he wants to make sure that he is pushing the fashion industry forward in a way that caters to the customer. For the longest time, the fashion industry has more or less dictated what the customer is supposed to like. The team behind the brands like Fabletics and JustFab want to put the consumer on the forefront so that they will be more likely to buy the products on This is going to lead to some new styles that people have not heard of. The new styles may even inspire more sales from people who have not seen anything like it.

At TechStyle, there is art, there is passion, and there is experimentation. These three factors is what makes the company stand out from other clothing providers. Adam Goldenberg is good for making sure that people are always going to find something that gains their attention in a good way. While many customers are content with items that are available, it is important to offer something that has enough differences that it will catch the eye of the consumer. If every store offered the same type of clothes, then all they can hope on is that there is enough convenience in the location. Adam Goldenberg knows that doesn’t cut it. Therefore, he is always working with others in order to make sure that they are offering something that is not only new and different from other stores, but also popular. After all, people have to have a reason to visit the store for clothes.

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CEO Profiles

The Life and Career of Arthur Becker

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Do you want to have success in life? If so, learning from people who have succeeded at a high level is a must. There are a lot of people who want to try investing in real estate for a variety of reasons. Not only is this a great way to build wealth over the long term, but it can provide some nice monthly cash flow as well. Arthur Becker is one of the best people in the world when it comes to investing in a variety of opportunities within these industry. A lot of people today look up to the success that he has had in this area.

Arthur Becker

From the time he was young, Arthur Becker has always tried to improve the finances of others. There are a lot of people who look up to his life and career helping others. The great thing about him is that he is always willing to give back to others who are trying to make their way in life. He is willing to invest both time and money in others to make their lives better. The reason that he is so passionate about helping others is that he is working to help them in a variety of ways. When he first started out in his career, Arthur Becker wanted to help as many people as possible. For more information, visit his crunchbase bio.

Final Thoughts

If you want to invest in real estate, NY Daily News suggests Arthur Becker is the person to learn from. There are a lot of people who look up to the success that he has had in a short period of time. Not only that, but you need to make sure you are thinking about how to build wealth over time. Investing in real estate is not something to make money over the short term. It is something that you do to make money over the long term. Learning from the example of Arthur Becker is the best way to have success in this area. Not only that, but he will work with you in a variety of ways to help you get to that next level in life.