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Why Choose Short-Term Apartments In London

Posted by Avery05 on
When it comes to traveling to another country and a totally different city, your first thought might be associated with hotel fees and rates. It’s no surprise to most travelers that one of the most expensive parts of their trip is going to be renting out the hotel. The reason hotels are oftentimes so expensive is because they charge by the night and they might also be charging you for amenities, services and other features that the hotel offers to guests. If you’re sick of paying for these unnecessary amenities or dealing with the nightly charge of a hotel room, it is time to look into short-term apartments.

With the help of LondonEscape, you can find beautiful short-term and long-term apartments in the London area. Renting an apartment while on vacation may seem like a strange idea, but it can actually save you some money when compared to the expense of hotel rates. Also, having an apartment that you can make your own and truly enjoy outweighs the often strict policies of hotels and motels. LondonEscape is a company that offers listings for both short-term and long-term hotels in London, allowing you to search through hundreds of listings to make your final choice.

One of the best features of LondonEscape is that they offer all of the information for each apartment that you will find useful. This information includes pet policies, pricing, amenities, locations nearby and similar options that will help you to decide on the perfect apartment for your needs. LondonEscape is a top company that provides this service, so they are definitely worth taking a look at if you are going to be traveling to London and need help in finding an affordable place to stay that doesn’t necessarily involve a hotel.

Your next trip to London should be highly enjoyable and memorable. The last thing you want to have to remember about the trip was how expensive the hotel was for you or the fact that the hotel you rented was too far away from all of the amenities and attractions of London. The city of London should be enjoyed thoroughly and you may only be able to do this if you’re staying in the heart of the city in a gorgeous short-term apartment specific to your needs. The price of renting a short-term apartment is a lot more reasonable and affordable than you might think, so it is definitely worth looking into.


Ski Resorts That Non-Skiers Love!

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With autumn upon us, winter skiing is just around the corner. Now is the time to prepare your body and get into good shape before you hit the ski slopes. With a bit a preparation, you will not run into any problems whether skiing at Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows!

To start focus on some exercises such as jogging, running and lunges to improve general leg muscles as well as the lower body. In addition to movements to strengthen legs, be sure to practice some cardio movements to be sure your whole body is strong enough to keep going all day long on the slopes. You want to enjoy this winter sport, plus after you purchase a lift ticket, you must get your money’s worth.

As winter nears, you want to visit a ski resort with lots of terrains and trails such as California’ stunning Squaw Valley. Bring your family or friends (and non-skiers) to enjoy its many cafes and shopping. Unlike previous years, the majority of lifts are new with adequate room, plus waiting lines are shorter. The individual possible for these improvements to this ski resort is the CEO of Squaw Valley (and Alpine Meadows in the Olympic Valley) is Andy Wirth. In 2010 he took on this position to enable him to make very big changes to the famous ski slope and tourist area. Mr. Wirth used funds along with careful planning and constructing improvements that would improve the general skiing experience that one had here. The training of employees, snow guns, grooming fleet and facilities that create snow all received needed upgrades.

Another California ski resort, the famous Alpine Meadows located in Olympic Valley, also received a face lift. Since Mr. Wirth is also its CEO, he made sure that it also improved its services to skiers. While not as large as Squaw Valley, those who frequent here love it as it is great for beginners and it is simple to find a place on the mountains where one is alone skiing. With more than 25 years in the hotel and mountain resort business, Wirth knew what changes were needed to improve the experience for the skier. When not focusing on his CEO duties, Wirth concentrates on his philanthropic efforts in areas of Lake Tahoe. He recently co-founded Wounded Warrior Support which benefits members of the Navy SEALS and their families upon their return home.


Fine Wine Ages Well With AWC

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Nothing says fine wine quite like The Antique Wine Company. This merchant, founded in 1982, is world renowned for breaking records and setting new heights among wine enthusiasts. Its events and wine collections are historical, including the sale of an 1811 Chateau d’Yquem for £75,000 (listed in the Guinness World Records as $117,000). The bottle, sold in 2011, still holds the world record for most valuable bottle of white wine sold. The Antique Wine Companies specialty? Providing the finest and most sought-after fine wine to luxury hotels, restaurants, and private individuals.

Event planning is one of The Antique Wine Companies most celebrated fortes, handling events such as former United States President H.W. Bush’s 70th birthday celebration, at which AWC provided 70-year-old vintage wines. Some of its most historical events include AWC’s participation in Paramount Pictures’ celebration of the Academy Award achievement of the movie Titanic and the hosting of the Three Centuries of Château Lafite-Rothschild weekend at the Grand-Hotel du Cap-Ferrat, a five star hotel in the French Riviera.

The finest wine has come to be expected from The Antique Wine Company, from personal collections to elaborate events, but the company’s 2011 launch of the AWC Wine Academy marked an innovative step for the wine merchant of 33 years. The groundbreaking offerings include fine wine masterclasses and wine courses from the wine trade authority. These master classes offer insight into the industry and its heritage from some of the leading figures in the global wine trade, as well as access to some of the richest and most cherished fine wine collections in the world. The Antique Wine Company states that “for 25 years, AWC has established relationships with producers of the world’s finest wines, and with the individuals who share our collective passion for experiencing them,” and this commitment to the individuals who make up the community is more than evident after many commtted years. Cheers – to AWC.


Prepare to Travel with the Most Powerful Passport

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If you love to travel, you know you need a passport. But one passport is as good as the next, right? Well, not exactly. Passports are only as good as the country it is issued from and the standing that nation has with other countries from around the world. If two countries are not on the best of terms, one country may not accept the passport from the other. Due to this, there are some passports that provide more travel power than others. So, before you set out on the next adventure, knowing the latest passport power statistics is important.

Currently, the United States and United Kingdom have the most accepted passports. Both are allowed access into 147 countries around the world. The next most powerful passports come from France, Germany and South Korean. Each of these nations are granted access into 145 different countries.

For anyone out of Canada wondering where they stack up on the list, they are allowed entrance into 140 countries without a problem. Australia, another former UK territory, is able to enter 138 countries without an issue, while New Zealand, its closest neighbor, can gain access to 139 countries.

Sam Tabar ( has found that an interesting tidbit is Hong Kong passports can gain access to 136 countries while a mainland Chinese passport provides access to only 74.