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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Advances Oncology Treatment Platform

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CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) together with NantHealth and Allscripts has initiated a solution that enables Eviti access to clinical workflows in the electronic health records of Allscripts. This time savings information release speeds up the cancer treatment process recommendations without interrupting the specialist’s clinical workflow.

Having a direct interface with the NantHealth Operating System that contains the input of hundreds of oncologists across this nation that constantly updates every bit of information entered to maintain the evolving cancer treatment data available.

This database contains all treatment options, therefore, eliminates the guesswork offering the physician the latest results, records, evidence and suggestions to treat and prescribe, thus offers faster and more efficient treatment to patients.

Always, With the Patient In Mind

  • Clinical Pathways integrate up-to-the-minute information
  • The latest treatment available
  • Oncologists are able to create a list of procedures
  • Treatment specific to each patient
  • Treatments recommended are mapped within the Eviti system
  • Supporting clinical data is available
  • All information is happening in “real time”

Cancer Treatment Centers of America, incorporated this project early in 2016 to advance the care of patients and help providers to offer the best care possible to their patients. Through the consistent advance of this program chemotherapy programs have been improved along with the quality of care provided to the CTCA patients.

The importance of the physicians receiving information in real-time offers newer treatment options for all types of cancer. The time saved in physicians having to research this information has saved lives and offered life-saving treatments faster to patients with better prognosis.

CTCA, headquartered in Boca Raton, FL, with five hospitals nationally. Every care facility of CTCA offers advanced care to their patients, surgery, radiation, immunotherapy and chemotherapy. CTCA diligently enhances the quality of life for their patients whenever possible through supportive therapies and emotional support as well.


How Three Friends at Georgetown Started a Multi-Million Business from Scratch

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Six years ago the food situation at Georgetown University campus was in an appalling state. Students and faculty had to be content with eating unhealthy fast foods all the time. Three brilliant minds came together and started working on a plan to change the situation for the better. Here’s the success story of Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicholas Jammet.


The trio’s plan fell into place almost effortlessly because the trio had this three things in common: They loved great food, they felt a desire to create something useful and meaningful and finally, they wanted to find an amicable solution to the existing problem already outlined here.


Zero Experience

One thing was still missing. No one in the group possessed the necessary expertise on how to open and run a hotel business. According to one of the founders, Jammet, this gross inexperience caused them to work harder and be more creative to overcome the odds stacked up against them.


Significance of a Value-Driven Business

Sweetgreen’s success did not come easy. To get where they are today, the founders learned the tricks of the trade by consulting with architects, business owners and their professors at Georgetown. The MBA graduates knew from an early stage that they had to create a value-driven business. An industry capable of transforming the lives of the community around for the better.


Nutritional Programs

The firm is actively involved in nutritional programs targeting school kids all across the nation. The nutritional program has now expanded to schools in states like Virginia, New York, and the District of Columbia and Maryland. The venture has attracted well over 20K children so far.


With time, the establishment moved from their 500 square feet first hotel premises. They found a better and a bigger space elsewhere. It was then that they also decided to broaden the services on offer to their customers. This marked the introduction of Sweetlife.


Music and Food Festival

Sweetlife is an offshoot of the main franchise, Sweetgreen which specializes in holding an annual music and food festival. From its humble begins, the music and food festival has grown by astonishing leaps and bounds. Today, it attracts up to 15K people who get treated to music from the biggest performing artists in the industry. Previous performers included Avicii, Calvin Harris, the Weekend and the 1975.


The company operates on five fundamental values. These are winning, sustainability, being real, adding the sweet touch and finally, making a positive impact on communities. Soon, the entrepreneurs are contemplating returning to Georgetown to commence with an undisclosed initiative.


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is an expert in building startups, event management, food services and restaurants. He graduated from Georgetown University in McDonough School of Business in 2007. Mr. Ru attained a BS in Finance. In 2007, he co-founded Sweetgreen. Their healthy fast-foods selling company now has close to 30 branches nationwide.



Immerse Yourself In The World Of JustFab

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Do you like hip clothes and shoes? Who doesn’t? Many people love to dress in the best clothing and to wear the best shoes, but not everyone has the money to pay for the best. This is where JustFab comes in because JustFab is able to give you the best shoes as well as clothes for the lowest prices on How is JustFab able to do this you ask? Easy. JustFab allows you to join as a member of their website, and your VIP membership gets you low prices that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, especially for the fashionable clothes and shoes that you’ll find on the website. JustFab is not the only websites owned by JustFab Inc., but there are several other sites as well.

JustFab is the parent company of several sites, including FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. All these websites come together to form JustFab Inc., which is the company that started back in 2010 with customers in mind. Since many customers have joined the JustFab website, the other websites have also gained a lot of memberships, which has grown to over 35 million members. JustFab is a company that is worldwide and can be found in Spain, France, Germany, the UK, and the USA. Those who are already members of any one of the JustFab websites are already getting great prices and should feel free to share the websites with friends and family members. See:

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The AdWeek feature is a new addition to JustFab Inc. but has been fully endorsed by megastar Kate Hudson, who’s known to be a very physically active person. The athleisure clothing that can be purchased at Fabletics are comfortable, beautiful, and fashionable. The best part of Fabletics is the fact that prices are low, shipping can be free, and the membership is similar to the membership of all the other JustFab websites. What are you waiting for? You can outfit your children, friends, family members and yourself in clothing and shoes that you can find at the many JustFab websites that are now available online.