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Dr. Rod Rohrich: Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Rod Rohrich is a well-known plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas. He has been recognized by the Top Doctor Program as one of the best plastic surgeons on the United States. The Top Doctor Program carefully reviews and selects top physicians. This is to help patients select the best physicians in the health care field. They carefully screen each physicians background, their board certification, and their medical education. They also review any malpractice and dispensary actions that were taken. Dr. Rod Rohrich was honored to be recognized by the Top Doctor Program.

Dr. Rod Rohrich holds conferences to lecture about how safety is crucially important when it comes to surgery. He promotes safe plastic surgery practices. He is highly recommended and sought after when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery. He specializes in nasal reconstruction and nasal surgery. He is an expert in the procedures that performs. Dr. Rod Rohrich is now a professor in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Dr. Rod is a very careful surgeon that is very skilled and is board certified. With his experience and expertise patients receive a wonderful outcome that makes them very pleased.

There are other contributions that Dr. Rod Rohrich has made to reconstructive surgery and plastic surgery. He is in many organizations and has received two other awards before being recognized by the Top Doctor Program in 2015. He has repeatedly been selected as one of Americas best doctors! Dr. rod has also received the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguished Service Award. Its simple to understand why Dr. Rod Rohrich is well-known and like.

Real Estate/Business

Haidar Barbouti: A Man With Creative Solutions and Innovation

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Who is Haidar Barbouti?

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate genius that transforms spaces into futuristic pieces of art. The Houston Chroniclerecorded him as saying “we don’t do anything cookie-cutter” when asked about his approach to properties. It’s hard to imagine what the future has in store for this forward-thinking real estate mogul, but the future seems to be a bright one to say the least!

The Barbouti family has been in investment real estate since the year 1986 with properties all over the world. Haidar Barbouti is the leading man in terms of the United States investments that his family has acquired over the years. The Highland Village Shopping Center is one area that has been a great success with over 2 decades of care from the family. Barbouti is a long-term thinker and aims to create an atmosphere inside of the property that will last for years.

Haidar is a man that prides himself in taking on a challenge and providing expert insight into each property that his family acquires. The portfolio of the Barbouti family includes offices, commercial buildings, condos, land development centers, and much more. Barbouti has taken the time to understand each one of these industries and spread the investment capital into each one of these sectors to make a difference. Not only does it benefit Hairdar financially, it helps the local communities start businesses that stimulate the economy of their city.

Haidar, along with his family, are also very philanthropic with the good fortune that they’ve received from real estate success. Haidar has donated time, resources, and property to support those in need as well as animal foundations. The family believes in paying it forward and helping the communities that helped them achieve their success. Haidar was generous enough to donate retail property in the Highland Village area of Houston to the public. This space has since been turned into an adoption center and location for animals in need.

Although Highland Village Shopping Center may be one of Haidar Barbouti’s greatest successes, his love for the community and outstanding care is what makes him successful.  If you’re in the Houston area, head over to the Highland Village Shopping center and see the kind of impact the Barbouti family has made.

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Explore the many options in New York City real estate

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Deciding to live and work in New York City is the dream of millions of people around the world who wish to join the ever growing number of residents on Manhattan Island and its surrounding areas. The cost of living on the island itself generally means the majority of people feel they cannot afford to live there, but there are many options provided by companies like Town Residential Real Estate for exploring the city and finding the perfect home for yourself. Although the most famous area of the city is Manhattan Island the outer areas of the city are often as important and fabulous to live in as the island itself.

New York is always seen as the city that never sleeps and is becoming more popular with people who wish to join this fun filled and busy lifestyle by living and working within one of the major cities of the world. Like London, Paris and many other major metropolitan areas, New York has seen a real estate boom that shows no sign of stopping as rental and purchase prices continue to climb. Rising house and rental prices have led to more and more people looking to neighboring areas, such as Brooklyn as their best option for finding a property close to the famous Manhattan Island they can afford to live in comfortably.

TOWN Real Estate sits at the very heart of the residential properties business and is available with a group of seasoned professionals to help any individual find their perfect home. Navigating any aspect of the New York City real estate industry requires the best professionals available to get the best price on NYC properties, which TOWN Real Estate does through an extensive and experienced group of real estate professionals. From newly built developments to finding the best option for living and working in any area of New York City TOWN Real Estate provides professionals capable of helping in any area of the industry.


Tylenol Dulls Physical and Emotional Pain

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Have a headache? Take a Tylenol. Your girlfriend dump you? Take a Tylenol. New research has revealed that Tylenol (acetaminophen) not only dulls physical pain, but emotional pain as well.

A study was conducted at the Ohio State University Medical Center which involved 80 participants, extra-strength Tylenol, placebos and some photographs. A portion of the 80 study participants received the Tylenol and the other participants received a placebo. Google Play reported that after giving the Tylenol an hour to take effect, all 80 were shown a series of photographs and their responses were monitored by the research team.

The photographs ranged from happy and cute images of small animals to disturbing images of hungry children. The study participants who received a placebo prior to viewing the photographs registered the response that were deem ‘normal’. The happy images made them happy while the disturbing images made them appropriately sad.

Not so for those who were given the extra-strength Tylenol. Those with acetaminophen in their blood stream had less of a response to either type of emotional images. They did not get as happy, nor as sad, as the placebo group when looking at the same photographs.



Prepare to Travel with the Most Powerful Passport

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If you love to travel, you know you need a passport. But one passport is as good as the next, right? Well, not exactly. Passports are only as good as the country it is issued from and the standing that nation has with other countries from around the world. If two countries are not on the best of terms, one country may not accept the passport from the other. Due to this, there are some passports that provide more travel power than others. So, before you set out on the next adventure, knowing the latest passport power statistics is important.

Currently, the United States and United Kingdom have the most accepted passports. Both are allowed access into 147 countries around the world. The next most powerful passports come from France, Germany and South Korean. Each of these nations are granted access into 145 different countries.

For anyone out of Canada wondering where they stack up on the list, they are allowed entrance into 140 countries without a problem. Australia, another former UK territory, is able to enter 138 countries without an issue, while New Zealand, its closest neighbor, can gain access to 139 countries.

Sam Tabar ( has found that an interesting tidbit is Hong Kong passports can gain access to 136 countries while a mainland Chinese passport provides access to only 74.